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There once was a trader who adopted a trend-following, position trading approach and was quite successful. His approach was to generate a trading order for the next day after the close of trading each...
01.01.1970 · From HoytTucker
One thing that is very important is to ask the “right” question. This is an extremely simple concept but some traders are doomed to failure because they only look at things one way and therefore don’t...
01.01.1970 · From HoytTucker
With the proliferation of computers, trading system development seems to have replaced stamp collecting as the hobby of choice. Trading system development is the area where a lot of traders focus the ...
01.01.1970 · From HoytTucker
Single Market Factor #1: Optimal f in Share Market In his 1990 book titled “Portfolio Management Formulas,” Ralph Vince popularized a formula known as optimal f. The theory behind this method is t...
01.01.1970 · From HoytTucker
In the end it is not so much what you make when things go well that will decide your fate as a futures trader, but rather what you keep when things go poorly.   Effectively cutting losses is genera...
01.01.1970 · From HoytTucker