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When you get diagnosed with cancer, it is easy to feel terrified. However, you need to know that you can make it through this time, if you have the right perspective. This article has 10 effective ways for you to cope better with your cancer. 1. (...)
30.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Cancer is clearly a very serious disease and affects millions of people every day. If you have learned you have cancer, you already know what kind of things that you can do to treat it medically. (...)
26.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
After you recover from the initial shock of being diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that you will want to do is become as informed as possible about the cancer you have been diagnosed with. (...)
25.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
It can be very scary to hear that a loved one close to you has cancer. It is common to experience fear and worry. It is important that you do not have concern or anxiety over things that may not be true! There are quite a few untrue facts concerning cancer that are...
25.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Cancer is a diagnosis that takes a while to digest. It is not something that anyone ever hopes for, but it is something that many people do have to deal with. While it is hard for you to tell yourself that it is indeed true that you have this horrible disease, it is...
23.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
When you discover that you have cancer, you need all the help you can get. One of the most important things you're going to need during your cancer fight is the right doctor. While you have a primary physician who can help you with your other health issues, you going...
21.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
If you are close to someone who is currently diagnosed with a form of cancer, you might feel trepidation about how to approach them and be there for them. Cancer is a very confusing situation for both those diagnosed and those around them. (...)
20.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Most people will need to deal with cancer on a personal level at some point in their life. Whether someone you know will get the disease, or if you are diagnosed with it yourself, you will likely meet it face to face. (...)
17.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
If you are receiving cancer treatment, managing the logistics of getting your care can seem overwhelming. Use the suggestions below to better manage the logistics of getting cancer care. Even if you drive, you'll want to consider others who can help with...
17.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Cancer is a deadly disease that affects many people. Although research has made some important advances in finding a cure, the best defense is to avoid getting it in the first place. This article lists some simple, common sense ways to prevent cancer from affecting...
16.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
One of the worst things you can ever hear from your doctor is that you have been diagnosed with cancer. However, something even worse is finding out your kid has it and then having to figure out how to tell them about it. (...)
15.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Being diagnosed with cancer is not something that anyone wants to happen. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. At the beginning, you are probably scared, frustrated, overwhelmed or feeling one of a million different ways. (...)
14.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, it can be a terribly scary time for you. You might feel that your life is about to end and may not feel that there's much worth living for anymore. (...)
12.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Going through treatment is a real challenge but things will be easier if you stay positive. Read this article to find out how you can remain positive. It is important that you become an active participant in your treatment. (...)
08.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
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