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Rory McIlroy’s recent record-breaking victory at the US Open has certainly led to a spate of media interest in the 22-year-old Northern Irishman, and for the first time in many years, Britain now has a bonafide golfing superstar on its hands.

The victory – McIlroy’s first at a major tournament – was warmly received all over the British isles, especially in the wake of the US Masters, where McIlroy failed to win despite taking a large lead into the final day of the tournament. In fact, the amount of sympathy his collapse in that tournament garnered meant that it seemed like the whole country was right behind him heading into the US Open.

As a result, McIlroy’s popularity is now at an all-time high with people of all demographics. Golfing purists and the older generation seem to appreciate his polite demeanour and skill around the course, whilst younger fans can’t seem to get enough of his trendy fashion sense and laid-back personality. In fact, his popularity with younger fans is such that he’s even been dubbed “the Elvis Presley of golf” in recent weeks.

Many golfing enthusiasts (and course owners for that matter) might now be hoping that the young star’s popularity might lead to an increase in the number of people taking up the sport, in a similar fashion to the golfing craze of the late 1990s that came with the emergence of Tiger Woods. Since Woods has fallen out of the spotlight in recent times - partly because of revelations about his private life and partly because he seems to have lost his form since said revelations – there is certainly a need for a new star to inspire people to take up the game, and McIlroy seems to tick all of the boxes.

Anyone based in the UK that’s interested in either taking up the sport, or renewing their love interest with it, certainly won’t need to look far to find an ideal spot to build-up their skills on. Britain is blessed with some of the best golf courses in all of the world, and whether you’d be looking for somewhere classy, or just somewhere where you can play quietly without anyone seeing you until you’d reached a certain level of competence, then there’s bound to be somewhere suitable for you to see if you can build up a similar skill-set to McIlroy.

If you’re keen to try your hand at the sport, it might even be an idea to combine it with a holiday. There are plenty of opportunities for golfing holidays all over the country, although some of the country’s most picturesque courses are available in Scotland. Golf breaks in Scotland have been enduringly popular over the years, but realistically, wherever in the UK you’re based you’re bound to be able to find something suitable.

Only time will tell if Rory McIlroy can be enduringly successful in the world of golf, but either way, if his recent performances have been enough to make you want to take the sport up, then act on your curiosities. Even if you’re not as good as McIlroy, it’s still one of the most fun and rewarding sports to play in the world.

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