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3 Fitness Principles

In the world of health and fitness, there are a variety of topics to delve into. In fact if you were to type the word fitness into almost any search engine, you would be bombarded with an almost innumerable amount of ideas, opinions, diets, workout routines, and miracle supplements. So what does it all boil down to? In the world of fitness it does not matter what diet you choose, or what physical exercise program you undertake as long as it includes 3 principles of fitness.

To begin, most people feel that if you go to a gym and pump iron for hours on end, and take supplements and the like, you are considered fit. When it comes to fitness, this cliché of an example just is not all there is to it. Fitness includes everything in the realm of proper health and nutrition. That being said when it comes to food, you are what you eat is essentially true, and when it comes to working out you will have to remember 3 principles as well: Variety, balance, and fun.

First off, variety is always important when it comes to food. Our bodies require a large number of nutrients and vitamins to have a healthy growth, and good maintenance. That being said, there is no one food or food group that has all of them. So we have to be sure and eat a variety of foods to allow for our bodies to be healthy.

Tip: Lifting weights is one way that people try to become fit. When it comes down to it, you only need to implement push-ups, leg raises, pull-ups, squats, handstand push-ups and bridges to maintain all of your muscles.

This also goes true for working out. If you were to work out only one part of your body, the likelihood of entering into physical fatigue is increased, and you are bound to have issues with proportion. Working out many parts of the body ensures an overall physical fitness and is the better route to take.

Balance almost goes without saying in the food we eat. If you were to eat too little, this would leave your body devoid of proper nutrition, and it can be left flushed, lacking nutrients and proteins needed for development. On the other side of the coin, overeating is very counter productive, and can lead to issues with excess weight and other health problems.

Balance is required in the realm of physical activity. While we may feel working out non-stop is of benefit, it is more beneficial to be sure and rest as needed. Studies show that rest in a workout is almost as important as the work out itself. It gives your body needed recuperation time and allows for better muscle healing.

The last principle for both nutrition and exercise is fun. If you enjoy what you do can it really be called work? No, and that’s a good thing. It’s fun. When you enjoy your workout, and when you pick a diet that suits you that you can enjoy as well, it makes the whole process of fitness that much easier and desirable. So by having variety, balance, and fun you can ensure true fitness with any program.

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