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3 Principles Of Fitness

How would you define the word fitness? Most picture a very strong person pumping iron in a gym for long hours at a time. Is that what you imagine? Really fitness is a lot more than just physical exercise. Fitness boils down to the very nutritional habits we have as well as regular exercise, and all facets of a healthy lifestyle. However, if you were to look up the word fitness in a common search engine, or go to a book store you would be bombarded with so much information you would not know what to do with it all. S this begs the question, what does fitness truly involve? Let’s take a closer look at the answer to that question by peering into 3 principles: Variety, balance, and fun. We’ll also see how these principles apply both to nutrition and to physical exercise.

As for variety in nutrition, it almost goes without saying that eating one type of food is no ones cup of tea. But even on a physical level, our bodies need a large number of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to function properly and continue to develop. That being said there is no one food or food group that contains them all. Thus we have to be sure and keep our diets varying.

Even in the realm of physical activity, variety wins the day. If you were to work out only one part of your body frequently, physical fatigue can easily set in, and this is not including proportional issues. When you include a workout regimen that includes a variety of movements, and works a variety of muscle groups you will ensure an overall high fitness level.

Tip: Don't be afraid. Bicycling makes a great fitness routine, too.

The second principle which must be kept in mind is balance. In our eating habits, if we eat too little, we can leave our bodies flushed and lacking sufficient proteins and nutrients used in proper bodily function. Energy levels would substantially decrease and working out in such a condition will have a detrimental effect. On the other side of the spectrum, over eating can lead too many health issues including excess weight and is quite counterproductive if fitness is your goal.

Balance is also necessary with your workout routine. Yes you may want to continue to workout and train, but be sure to get your rest. Studies show rest can be just as important as the actual workout. Giving your body needed recuperation time and healing is no simple deed. It is necessary and important.

The last principle on the list is fun. If you don’t enjoy what you do, you may lose interest and want to stop altogether. Whereas if you enjoy what you’re doing, then you’re not working, you’re having fun. If you enjoy not only the workout you choose but the diet you wish to undertake, it will keep you wanting to improve and motivated. So all in all no matter which form of physical activity you do or which diet you choose to take, variety, balance, and fun should be included.

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