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A Bedtime Story For A New Day

Every child loves a bedtime story. Good stories inspire the imagination and create a sense of drama and suspense. Stories are as old as the bible and as new as the latest published book.

There are many different type of bedtime stories, but the best ones are stories that moms and dads can read to their children; a story that grandparents can share with their grandchildren. Every good story invites the reader to ask the question, “What’s coming next?” So, too, a good bedtime story intrigues readers, helps them sleep well, and gets them excited to greet a new day when they wake up.

Today, many people live in fear. Boys and girls are caught up in this negative way of thinking because the stories they hear are filled with violence and terrorism that destroy human relationships.
These stories feed upon misunderstanding, intolerance, and hatred–lumbering along like dinosaurs that trample millions in the wake of their steps to make a world of fear, anxiety, and darkness. It is time for the light of a new day—a day of understanding, peace, and love in our world.

Let your children explore their world. Small children tend to get into everything and make a mess. This can be frustrating, but they are learning all about the world that they live in. Give them the freedom to explore and learn on their own. You can always clean up a mess later.

Tip: To cultivate positive attitudes toward food in your children, model good behaviors yourself. When they see you eating healthily, being comfortable in your skin, and eating regular meals, they will internalize those habits themselves.

It is time to respect the dignity of every person whose unique differences make creation what God intended it to be. May we wake up to a new day when we celebrate the riches of our diversity.

A brand new book, The Rainbow Chronicles: A Bedtime Story for a New Day offers a positive alternative. Dads and sons, moms and daughters can read this book and make the story grow into something beautiful. Our world needs old and young people to share their beauty and join with the grandeur of all people. Our world needs the positive examples of adults to be role models who inspire young people to live joy-filled, positive lives. Our world needs the faith, prayers, and effort of young people to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, like petals of the dark-purple tulips, so that future generations will wake up to a better day.

Each of us is called to be a dwelling place for the Rainbow’s End. Each of us is invited to welcome the Throne of the Almighty into our hearts. No matter what belief system, physical appearance, gender, age, family background, race, or ethnic heritage, whether married or single, I encourage you to make a difference for good in the way you and your family touch the lives of others through loving actions.

Instead of using a behavioral mishap as an opportunity to scold, yell, and spank, use it as an opportunity to teach. Children, like adults, live and learn. The next time your children act up, teach them what they did was wrong, by explaining to them in simple terms, why it was wrong. They will learn the lesson much better, when you are talking to them rationally.

So, what is coming next? More dinosaurs or more flowers? A desert or a garden? In many ways, it’s up to you! Make sure to buy, read and act on this book. May you bring the Rainbow’s End home to yourself, your family, neighborhood, and community, your place of worship, and yes, to the ends of our earth. May you strive to help others write The Rainbow Chronicles in their lives. May the breath of the Almighty, the Holy Spirit, always whisper love in and through you.

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