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Atlanta Is A Great Place To Visit

Imagine that you have just won an all expense trip to any city in the United States. Which of the many famous U.S. destination cities would you choose? New York, Las Vegas, Miami, or how about Boston or Chicago? Well, have you ever considered a trip down into the colorful history of the Deep South? Would you consider Atlanta, Georgia as a choice? If you check out Atlanta tourism sites, you might just be amazed at what the city of Atlanta has to offer.

You see, all sites were not created equal. Some sites are there to only lure you into spending your hard earned dollars on a variety of attractions or entertainments that offer no real enjoyment. Therefore, make sure to check out the sites that are promoted by the city of Atlanta.

Tip: Planning ahead is important for any trip, but especially important if you are traveling by air. If an airport is in a major city, it can be quite difficult to get to, especially during rush hour when traffic is at its heaviest.

So, what can you do in Atlanta that is so special? Why is Atlanta so different from any other American destination? Does Atlanta have some hidden secrets that they are keeping from the world? This article is too short to explain everything that is awesome in Atlanta, but letís start with the Airport.

Why in the earth would someone want to go to the Atlanta airport for a vacation destination? To be completely frank with you... no one would. However, in many cases the airport is the beginning and the conclusion of our yearly holiday. A bad experience at an airport at either end of the trip is not going to constitute a pleasant holiday memory.

Tip: Always carry an updated color photo of your child with you. This will come in handy if they are ever lost.

The Atlanta airport is one of the best airports in the United States. It is so easy to go from point A to point B... and usually by means of a moving sidewalk or by other means of transportation. Also, there is very little time stolen from your vacation by the taxi to the terminal and the taxi to the runway. As an added bonus, the food court is delicious and the prices are close to the prices that you would pay at the same establishment outside of the airport.

What else is Atlanta noted for? They do have a winning baseball team. For years the Atlanta Braves have played excellent baseball. If you enjoy that hotdog and coke at the ball game, then you need to visit the "World of Coca-Cola". It has a 4-D theater, a 1800's nostalgic soda fountain, and an opportunity to sample other beverages from around the world. Maybe you can discover the world's best kept secret on what is the formula of Coca-Cola in the Vault of the Secret Formula.

That is just the tip of the iceberg in what awaits you in Atlanta. Atlanta may be the place for you and Atlanta tourism sites are the places to start your fun vacation. When you visit these sites make sure to take note of all the yearly festivals that Atlanta has. Then you will be able to book your trip at a time that offers you the most fun. Some of these festivals are unbelievable. Have a great trip.

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