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Best Way To Do Sit Ups

When dreaming of great body fitness, anyone interested in losing weight efficiently feels really committed and eager to work out, but gets pretty discouraged when the efforts are not rewarded as expected. Have you started doing some dozens of sit ups a day? Do you know which is the best way to do sit ups at home and with maximum of efficiency? There is a common mistake between sit ups an crunches and lots of people use the terms interchangeably. If you have a look online, you'll see that there are plenty of materials available guiding you step by step through all the stages of efficient training.

The best way to do the sit ups is to choose a good body position, facing up on the floor or on some other hard, flat surface. The bent knees are brought towards the face while keeping the feet on the floor all the time. Cushion your head on the hands, and lift your shoulder blades from the floor towards your knees and then slowly drop them back. It is important to pay attention to the comfort of your neck, because strains are very common for this kind of exercise. The chin should lean towards the chest and the neck muscles should not be tightened; the abdomen muscles should do the whole work.

Tip: When joining a gym, do not feel self-conscious about your age. Joining a health club is not just for younger people.

As for more advanced training, the best way to do the sit ups is with the hands by your sides and preferably the legs lifted in the air. We ought to emphasize the fact that the correct sit up movement is not necessarily meant to bring you in a nearly-vertical position. As long as you keep the shoulder blades off the ground and you work with the right muscles, you just have to lift up for about six inches. Correct sit ups will tone the abdominal muscles and get your stomach flat. If performed incorrectly, sit ups could either be inefficient or even harmful for the health condition.

Although there are many other suggestions to take into consideration, we'll only refer to one more here. The best way to do sit ups is slowly. Very rapid sit ups with or without momentum do not help that much. It is important to rise up and lower back slowly in order to get maximum workout from the muscles. Twisting with the right elbow to the left knee and vice-versa could be very helpful for training the obliques, as well. Nevertheless, if you try a straight-leg sit up variety, be careful not to injure your back during the exercises. The possible rotational stress increases the pressure on the lower back, and if you push it too hard, health problems are inevitable.

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