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Every year, Birmingham brings a bit of Germany to the UK with its festive Frankfurt Christmas market. For those wanting to experience the festivities of an authentic German market without having to spend the time or money on travelling to Germany, a city break in Birmingham could be the ideal solution.

One of the primary features of the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham is the handmade toys. These traditional toys work well as stocking stuffers and other Christmas gifts for children. The market's craft stalls also feature handmade jewellery, Christmas decorations and various other handcrafted goods. The craft stalls don't only feature German-style crafts, but also offer imported crafts from across the globe.

Another major draw of the Frankfurt Christmas Market is the festive food. Mulled wine, or Gluhwein as it's called in German, is one of the most sought-after drinkable treats available at the market. The wine is heated with mulling spices to create a warm, comforting winter beverage. Other tasty treats available at the market are grilled German sausages, traditional German beer, salted pretzels, gingerbread, marzipan sweets and crepes. You can also purchase food to takeaway with you, such as homemade chutneys, cheeses and delicious preserves.

Music is another feature of the Frankfurt Christmas Market that helps get tourists and locals into the festive spirit. In the centre of the market is a bandstand where various bands and musical acts perform throughout the day, at lunchtime and in the evenings. Musical acts often include school choirs and carol singers. You can stand in front of the bandstand and enjoy the musical performances or simply listen to them as you walk through the market and peruse that various stalls.

The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham is up and running from mid-to-late November and usually ends just a couple days before Christmas. The market is located in the city centre, on Victoria Square and New Street. For tourists, there are many hotels in Birmingham that are within an accommodating distance from the market. For locals, visiting the market is even easier.

Thus, the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham is a festive taste of Germany right here in the UK. With its array of handmade crafts, food and entertainment, the market can be a perfect way for families to kick-off their Christmas holidays. A walk through the Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of the best ways to experience German traditions without actually travelling to Germany.

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