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Cancer Myths: Seek Out The Truth

Some people have beliefs about cancer which open them up to horrific outcomes. The truth is what can make or break cancer treatment for someone with this diagnosis. The myths below will be tackled one by one so you can learn what is true and what is false about cancer.

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My (uncle, sister, father, mother, great-grandmother) had cancer, so I'm destined to get it. Thankfully, this isn't the case at all! While come cancers do run in families, many don't. In fact, even if you do have a family history of a specific cancer, the fact is that prevention can help you to ensure you never get it, or if you do, that you nip it in the bud. Talk to your doctor about your family history of cancer and he will provide you with personalized advice which can help you live a long, healthy life.

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Hair dye and antiperspirant cause cancer. Sadly, not many studies have been completed as the companies who produce these products don't want to pay for a study which proves they might be cancerous. That means that there is no evidence to state that yes, they do cause cancer, but there is no evidence that they don't either. They are full of chemicals and metals which are controversial, and some that even have been shown to change hormone levels in a way which is consistent with the development of breast cancer. That means you have to decide on your own whether or not it is worth it to use these products yourself.

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It is easier to not know you have cancer than to know. If you don't know, you can't treat it, and then your future is guaranteed to be grim. Cancer rarely spontaneously disappears, so the right medical advice is key. If you think something is wrong, go to your doctor immediately as catching it early always come with a better prognosis than waiting for treatment.

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Thinking positive alone will cure my cancer. The fact is that positive thinking has been shown to boost the effectiveness of treatments, but it doesn't work by itself. If you can't bring yourself to be positive, don't worry about it! Anxiety is far worse for your condition than negativity will be. Only stay positive if you can, but do work towards having a more positive outlook by involving friends and family in your care so you have a support group to lean on.

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Sugar itself is what makes cancer grow. This isn't the case, although reducing your sugar intake is good in a myriad of other ways. Try to cut processed foods out of your diet to help your whole system stay strong during your treatment. The leaner and healthier you are, the better able you will be to fight off cancer.

These myths have been busted, but there are many others out there you need to be wary of. Continue to seek out the truth and learn all you can about cancer. If you know all there is to know, you will be prepared to battle back if you need to.

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