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Instead of letting your TV be your babysitter after school, consider signing your child up in a class or a child development program. There are many communal groups that provide fun and educational activities after school that will keep your children well supervised until you finish your work day. In this article we look at some useful and inexpensive programs and how to best choose for your little student.

The first factor you should consider is your child's interests and skills. Leisure activities such as a hockey school or martial arts or dance may be a good choice for a budding athlete, but a child with a love for music will not enjoy such a program. This is important because you do not want to force a child to participate in an activity simply because it interests you, they'll just end up resenting it. Personal development should always be a real consideration. If you want your child to try new things, give them a list of activities to choose from. This will give them the sense that they make decisions for themselves, while still allowing you to monitor their training.

When you choose an after-school activity, you should consider how much of your time as a parent will be involved. Will you need to drop off or pick them up in games, shows, or other similar commitments? Will you be asked to volunteer as a coach, driver or fundraiser? If any of these activities requires you to go out of town, it can be very time consuming. Be very aware of how much time you can commit to these activities by talking to the program coordinators before you register. You should also think about how much time the child has to allot to the task. Activities like learning a musical instrument require practice, but the kids still need time to be children. Do not they get involved in activities that are too complex for their age or ability, because it frustrating for the child rather than enjoyable.

For most families, especially those with several children, the cost is a big factor when choosing after school activities. The cost of music lessons and instruments, or sports equipment can be considerable. If a school sponsored activity is not an option, then look at your local centre for programs or after school clubs. Many offer excellent physical fitness courses like swimming, dancing, yoga for kids, kids crafts and even martial arts. Costs are incredibly low and the programs are taught by qualified instructors. You can also look into the churches and charity organisations. Getting your child to volunteer for a worthy cause is an excellent way to keep them busy while teaching them new skills.

Every parent wants their child to be the best that they can be, and the right activities for after school can make that happen. Whether your child is interested in music, sports, art, photography or science, you can create a club or after-school program that interests them. Talking to other parents is a great way to get ideas and resources. Signing your child up to the programs that their friends are involved in will help them not only learn something new, but they will also enjoy the social aspect more

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