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As one of Europe's most northerly countries, Norway doesn't instantly spring to mind when most people think of their summer getaways. But skipping Norway on European breaks is to miss out on a number of unique experiences, including the chance to see some of the world's most beautiful coastal scenery within easy reach of major cities.

Oslo is Norway's capital and most populous city, and it is most people's introduction to the country. Spending some time in Oslo before heading out to discover Norway's coastal charms and scenic wilderness is highly recommended, as there are sights and experiences there to please people of diverse ages and interests - whether you're keen to explore Norway's heritage at museums and cultural sites, or to meet locals and other travellers at its trendy night spots.

Oslo is home to some of Norway's most famous buildings, including the Royal Palace where the King and Queen reside. Guided tours are offered around this prestigious building every 20 minutes throughout the day, which include tours of the Council Chamber, Bird Room and Great Hall. Located nearby is the Ibsen Museum, devoted to the life and work of one of Oslo's most famous alumni, Henrik Johan Ibsen, who wrote some of his later dramas in this residence. Other museums in Oslo are dedicated to diverse aspects of the city's heritage, from the exciting Viking Ship Museum that features the Oseberg Ship to the more contemporary Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.

Whether you're visiting Norway with the family or just looking for somewhere to get away from it all, locations such as the Vigeland Sculpture Park are enduringly popular with visitors of all ages. This site features 212 bronze and granite sculptures as well as refreshment areas and a children's playground. It can be a brief stop on a sightseeing tour or the basis of a whole afternoon. Elsewhere in the city, people who are staying at Oslo Airport hotels for stag weekends, birthdays and other festivities might be interested in spending some time at the Adventure Parxs, which offers paintballing and other outdoor activities.

If you're spending more than a few days in Norway, you owe it to yourself to see more of this remarkable country before heading home. Taking the scenic Oslo-Bergen Railway is a convenient way to see some of Norway's attractive countryside and visit its second city, or you may prefer to head to the coast to experience its unique beauty.

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