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Ireland's picturesque Shannon Region is among its most popular areas for tourists looking to discover the traditional culture and natural beauty of the Emerald Isle. Incorporating County Clare, County Limerick, County Offaly and County Tipperary, this significant region features just one city and a multitude of small villages, making it the ideal destination for people looking to escape the bustle of city life on Ireland breaks.

Many people visit Shannon to see its stunning castles and other historical monuments, many of which are extraordinarily well preserved considering their age. One of the best known is Bunratty Castle, originally constructed in 1425 and painstakingly restored to its former glory in the 1950s, which not only looks great from the outside but also features authentic medieval furnishings and tapestries inside. The castle is reputed to be one of the most complete fortresses from the medieval period still standing today, and is situated within a 26-acre Folk Park that aims to offer an insight into local Irish life during the 19th century. You can also tuck in to a traditional medieval feast in the castle's banquet hall on special occasions.

Shannon also draws many visitors with its natural beauty, including the majestic limestone cliffs of the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher - the top visitor attraction in Western Ireland. The latter cliffs are significant bird breeding grounds, while the Burren has many flowering plants that should not be disturbed, so responsible tourism is stressed to anyone planning on visiting these scenic areas. Located near to the Burren is Aillwee Cave, often called one of the most attractive caves in the world and dating back 15,000 years to the end of the last ice age.

If you're looking for a convenient Shannon hotel with all the amenities during your visit, it may be best to stay in Limerick City itself, which is Ireland's third biggest city and renowned as one of its friendliest - as well as being noticeably cheaper than Dublin. Local sites such as King John's Castle and Lough Gur are unlikely to be too crowded by tourists even during the summer season, and there are also specialised walking tours offering a glimpse into different aspects of the city - including dedicated Angela's Ashes tours covering more than 20 sites featured in the best selling novel. Limerick is also the location of the acclaimed Hunt Museum, one of the leading art museums in Ireland.

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