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The clothing you choose to wear more times than not makes a statement about you. Ask yourself these questions:

1. "Do I know anyone who does not own at least a few T- Shirts?"
2. "How many people do I know that seldom wear anything but T- Shirts?"
3. "How many times have you seen someone you don't know wearing a T- Shirt that you would like to have?" So much so that you can't resist asking them "Where did you get that shirt?"
4. "I have an idea for a T- Shirt design that I think people would like and might want to buy for themselves. Where can I go, or who do I know that can make my design a reality?"

You can answer the first three with out a great deal of thought. Before you try to answer number 4, think about this…Tommy Hilfiger certainly found his answer. With a relatively simple 3 color design bearing his name he made a fortune. He didn't hurt his chances by selecting the all American colors of Red, White, and Blue. It Seems rather simple now that he is a success.

The truth is anyone can design a T- Shirt. You don't have to be an artist, you don't even have to know how to draw. It is helpful, but not essential. With the aid of Graphics based software, computer technology has proven to be a giant leap forward for the Custom Screen Printing Industry. In a relatively short period of time, whole libraries of art have been created and placed in categories that are ready to be used. In theory, you should never have to start from scratch. Even in a worse case situation there should be some form of art that exists for you to start from. Just make the necessary modifications to the existing art to suit your requirements.

Last but not least, don't get discouraged if you can't quite get exactly what you envisioned on your first attempt. There are professionals who have had years of experience that don't get exactly what they want the first time. Know when to say when. There are many situations in daily life that there is no substitute for an individual who does something every day to earn a living. The ideal professional printing organization will make every effort accommodate you as a valued customer. If you feel as though you are not shown the proper courtesy at a particular print shop (they act as though they don't have time for you) go else where. There are customer service oriented printing businesses who will welcome you and take the necessary time to ensure you get exactly what you expect. Never settle for Less.


By Joe Caricari owner of, offers high quality affordable custom t-shirts for every occasion. We have 10 years of experience in producing quality custom screen printing. Our custom t-shirts online design program is designed to save you money on the expense of having a graphic artist create custom t-shirts for you. Custom Printed shirts are fun and easy to create in The T Designer.

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