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Does It Really Work? The Grapefruit Juice Diet Plan

The grapefruit juice diet plan is one that no particular clinic claims as its own idea. However, it has been used for many years as a diet plan that helps people to lose a lot of weight over a series of twelve weeks of eating the grapefruit juice diet plan. Even though it is true that people will usually lose weight by following the guidelines of the grapefruit juice diet plan, they may not keep the weight off after the plan is over with because the weight loss many times tends to be more water weight than fat loss. If the plan is paired with a strict exercise regimen as well, then the weight loss is more likely to be fat burning as well, and the weight loss will be more likely to stick in the long run.

What to Expect

Tip: Try to avoid using fruits that are excessively sweet when you make juice yourself. Remember that the juice you produce will be concentrated, so very sweet fruits will deliver a powerful sugar punch that could cause a blood sugar spike.

The grapefruit juice diet plan is one that is high in protein and often fats, but is low in calories. Any diet that keeps the calories low will cause a person to lose weight when they have been eating a much higher number of calories and gaining weight in the past. In this way, the grapefruit juice diet plan is no different than any other diet that is on the market today. One way it is different is that it has individuals consume one half of a grapefruit with each meal of the day. Scientists think that one reason that eating a grapefruit may be helpful in utilizing the grapefruit juice diet plan is that it causes the insulin levels of the body to lower which tends to make the person feel satiated more quickly and thus less likely to overeat.

Another way that the grapefruit juice diet plan is different than other diets is that the person can consume as much salad dressing and butter as they desire. They can also choose to prepare the foods using whatever method they desire, which means if they want to fry the foods they are welcome to do so. They can also choose whatever amount of meat they want to consume with lunch and dinner meals, which can be composed of any type of meat they desire, such as pork, beef or fish. This plan also allows individuals to drink coffee with the breakfast meal and allows any vegetables as long as they are not the starchy vegetables such as beans or sweet potatoes.

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