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Drawing room is a special part of a house. This is also the corner of the house that most people like to flaunt. Hence, they spend huge sum of money to make it appear truly attractive, stylish and up to date. However, you really do not require spending huge amount of money on your living room interior design. Let your imagination play the major part. Careful planning is also a must. You can revamp your drawing room via spending just a few amount of money.

Here are some effective tips to help you decorate your drawing room in the best way without having to break your bank:

Do not Hoard
Most people tend to make their drawing room a hoarding space for imported vases, statues, souvenirs and painting bought long back. This does not work for beautifying the room but just increase the amount of clutter. Keep the look as clean as possible.

The basic idea is to depersonalize your drawing room. Understand that this is the least utilized space by family members. Hence, it should be given a formal look. Clutters should be out of sight. Your guests should feel at home and comfortable in the drawing room.

Futuristic Design
Incorporating universal futuristic design to your drawing room will increase its overall resale value.

Living Haven
Drawing rooms are a reflection of safety and comfortable refuge from the outside world. Make sure your drawing room is successful in representing this. The overall design of the room should be attractive and welcoming to the guests and members of the house.

The colours of your drawing room should be soothing. Choose colours that are accepted universally. Bold colours with busy patterns will make your room look cluttered and small.

This is the most important part of decorating your drawing room. Try to invest in a new, comfortable sofa, rugs, curtains etc. Fresh, colourful flowers will make your room look vibrant and attractive. Other accessories to be considered include potpourri, an aquarium, scented candles, Feng Shui bamboo and a lot more. Combine comfort and luxury to make your drawing room a special place you and your family members. Strictly avoid overdoing the room with colours. Too many colours will make your room look like a Christmas tree.

Neutral Style
In case, you are planning to create a drawing from scratch, select a design carefully. The design should complement the existing architecture of your house. Stay cautious of certain designs that contain period details. Most people tend to add what they prefer personally. However, drawing room is not your personal space. It is not about displaying personal taste. The design should appeal broader audience.

Most people feel that decorating a small drawing room is a hard nut to crack. However, using a little bit of creativity combined with careful planning can make the smallest drawing room a wonderful place to live in. Keeping the decor minimum and increasing the intensity of light will help you make the room appear bigger.


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