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Finding The Best City Interior Design School

Choosing to pursue a career in interior design is a fun and rewarding goal. It is a career that offers a variety of opportunities to artistically express oneself in terms of decorating residential or commercial buildings. Interior design furniture must be chosen according to the particular needs and tastes of the clients, as well as what might work well in certain rooms or buildings. Interior designers might work side by side with architects, but they might also open an office of their own to independent clientele.
Choosing a School
When choosing a city interior design school, there is some prior legwork that must be accomplished in order to assure that the school is the best one for that individual, but also to make sure that the requirements for entry into that school are fully accommodated before applying. There are certain city interior design schools that require a portfolio of work to be presented with the application process. If an individual has not accumulated such a portfolio, then he or she will have to spend time working on one before applying to the school so that all requirements will have been met. In addition, city interior design schools look at prior transcripts and recommendations from teachers and clients to determine if the person is eligible for entry. There is also usually an essay that must be written to tell why that individual wants to go into interior design and why that school is the best choice for them.
There are some city interior design schools that are not accredited and these must be avoided at all costs since they will only waste the individual's time and money and they will come out of it without a valid certification or degree. The reason that accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design is so that the education of interior designers is as uniform as possible across the country. Accreditation assures companies that a person who has graduated from an accredited school has at least gotten the foundation mandated by NASAD in regards to the content and the experience of the faculty teaching him or her.
A person can go to a city interior design school for two years and get a certificate in interior design. Four years is required in order to get a Bachelor's degree in the field and even longer if a Master's degree is desired. After graduation, interior designers are required to take a test in order to get licensed to practice in that particular state.

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