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Eternity rings and diamond eternity rings are very lovely and symbolic rings that can be used to celebrate a wedding ceremony, a special anniversary, or any other momentous occasion. Diamond eternity rings are often given during a wedding ceremony, renewal of vows ceremony, or as a gift during important anniversaries and birthdays. Diamond eternity rings are sometimes referred to as eternity rings or anniversary eternity rings as well.


An understanding of the various features of diamond eternity rings will help you with your choice. Nowadays, customers prefer to select matching diamond eternity rings instead of traditional plain metal bands. The groom usually wears a larger version of the ring, but the exterior style is similar to a bride’s ring. In the last ten years, eternity rings have become increasingly popular as stylish upscale wedding rings in western society, because eternity wedding rings are a fancier, more elaborate illustration of the original eternal love symbolism of the wedding band itself. Diamond eternity bands almost always include an impressive number of diamonds, either as the only stones used or as part of a pattern alternating diamonds with other precious gems incorporated into the design and sometimes even matching the wedding colors.


The most popular gem stones for adding a pop of color into the pave eternity ring are sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, and many couples will also often go with another particular kind of stone that might have special significance to the two of them, such as a birth stone or a gem they regard as a good luck symbol. The gem stones in an eternity ring are generally channel set, which means that they are recessed as an inlay pattern within a wedding band rather than held into place by the prong or claw settings seen on other types of wedding rings and fashion rings. They are most often channel set in traditional bands of yellow gold or white gold, but titanium, tungsten, and platinum eternity bands are becoming quite widely available as well.


In the particular version of eternity rings known as half eternity bands, the gems are set to only encircle the visible half of the band. They cost less than full eternity rings which make them a good option if a full one is outside your means, you wear a large size of ring, and so forth. They are also easier to size since no refitting or adding of gems is required; a jeweler will simply break and resolder the plain interior section of the band as usual. Diamond eternity rings for men are another growing trend, as either wedding rings to be worn on the day of the wedding and thereafter, and given by women to their husbands as anniversary gifts or “upgrades” to simpler wedding bands on a special occasion like a holiday or birthday.

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