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The most talked about topic in the world today is “debt”. Virtually everyone; either directly or indirectly, is tangled up in this nightmare. Especially here in the US, getting debt free is the new American dream. Real estate markets are down, mortgages are on the line.
So at a time like this how easy is it to get debt free. For individuals who are trying to get out of their pool of debt, small things can matter, like watching your credit card spending, paying bills on time, thinking twice before buying stuff and many more minor adjustments.
The last decade or so has witnessed the largest “buying on credit” frenzy the world has ever seen. The main cause for this is mainly credit cards. Anyone with a decent job can get their hands on one in no time. And it’s really attractive.
People immediately think that this card can buy everything they need. But in reality it’s a shortcut to serious debt. every single time someone pays for there groceries with a credit card he/she is using someone else’s money. Their immediately under debt. and to rub salt on the wound they pay an added interest as well. So the next time you use your credit card on totally unnecessary things, think twice. That’s one way to get debt free.
To sidestep electronic paying systems and to get debt free early in the month simple routines can help. One way is to pay the bills early. Whatever it is you have to buy. It can wait. Pay the bills. Also depending on credit schemes to buy expensive things can be a bad habit.
The new 38 inch TV does look cool. But can you afford it. The next minute you’ll that find half of your salary has vanished paying off something you brought home months ago. Oh and yes, the TV’s price has gone down ridiculously, and you’re forgetting the interest that’s being paid to the bank as well as the dealer. Buying what you can afford is quite an easy way to get debt free fast.
Saving for a rainy day is fine, but it won’t really matter if you aren’t debt free. If your loans and credit card debt have gone beyond the line of no return all your savings are useless. Making sure that you save as twice as much you borrow will save you one day, and these days’ people need all the help they can get.
The best person that can help you to get debt free right now is yourself. Buy your morning coffee with whatever cash you have, don’t use money that you don’t have. Be safe, be debt free.

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