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All of the Old Get Him Back Rules aren't Completely correct. Lots of you are asking: can I contact my ex?? Yes, you can.


The very first thing everybody tells you about breaking up is that you have to be powerful and break off all contact. This is not necessarily correct and can really be deleterious. It's even a little childish and here's why.


If you break up (it doesn't matter who called it) there is a type of antagonism and pride from both sides. Frequently, nobody wants to confess that they're wrong. If you seriously want your man back, he should know it. But he only wishes to know it once. My advice: Be clear and then vanish.


What does this mean? It suggests you have tell him that you want him back. You can't avoid him and expect him to come running. Men do not really want to be shot down so whether or not he thinks he might desire you back he may not let you know if he doesn't know where you stand. Make him aware that in spite of blah blah and blah you would like to make this work, but understand you both might need space for a touch. The keys to this short talk are:


-Give yourself some time to process and relax before making contact. And I do not mean a few hours. I mean at least several days.


-Make sure you are completely sensible going into it. It will be easy to get emotional and blabbery and you can't let that occur


-Know exactly what you're going to say.


-After you have stated that it you're done. Don't wait for it to become a conversation. Do not expect him to take you back right then. The point is just to let him know so when he would like you back later he's not too scared to go for it.


-You can't need something in exchange. If you know that if he does not reply a certain way it'll tear you to pieces, you are not ready to make this contact yet.


-Have a planned activity afterwards. This makes sure you can not stay on the telephone long and also gives you something to look forward to after that may keep your mind off of it. Shopping with the girls? Yes please.


Now don't contact him again.


After a split people have a tendency to live in extremes. They either cut off contact utterly or merely won't stop calling them. You shouldn't be too happy to be honest, but you ought to be too proud to place yourself in a desperate situation. Be clean and then vanish.


This one time contact only works as an element of a larger plan. Check out my other materials for the rest.


Hannah knows relationships. For more on how to get him back, check out her website at and sign up for her free relationship advice newsletter.

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