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Getting To Know More Power Yoga Poses

An active exercise is one that can be expected from power yoga, that is a given. The movements of the entire body are vibrant and energetic which is why the body breaks into heavy sweating. The power yoga poses also called asanas that have been based from Ashtanga and Visana are quite complex. The challenge never ends because as one set of asanas are mastered, another one waits to be learned and mastered. Unlike Ashtanga, however, the power yoga instructor is responsible for the asanas to be executed, practiced until mastered. The power yoga poses are generally dependent on the level of fitness of the students.

What is a power yoga routine like in terms of the power yoga poses?

1. Getting Started All routines start with a warm up which intend to condition the body for more demanding asanas. It usually starts with three to six Sun Salutations or vinyasas.

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2. The Basics
The power yoga poses must be held for three to five breaths. Every pose has several levels of difficulty, challenge yourself to go deeper without pushing yourself beyond what your body is capable of. Each practice must last for 90 minutes.

3. The Routine
To develop the routine, one must utilize a sequence of asanas that start off with vinyasa. This is usually followed by the standing poses like the warrior poses, balancing and triangles poses. Then, floor work is done just like backbends, abdominal poses, inversions and then hip openers. The session comes to an end with seated forward bends, seated twists, supine twists and end in savasana.

4. The Personal Touch
Eventhough there is a sequence in the process it can be made personalized through selecting different poses you desire. For example, one can choose different poses like the Tree Pose (Vrikshana), Eagle Pose (Garudasana) or Headstand Pose (Shirshasana).

Towards the end. Each power yoga session ends in five minutes of savasana, or meditation. This may be done through doing the corpse pose (Savasana) or a seated pose like the lotus pose (Padmasana). During this point, once should empty the mind, keep still and envelope oneself with discipline and experience felt within the session. Through focusing on power yoga poses or asanas by means of practice and dedication, it is not only the body and the mind but the spirituality gains advantage as well.

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