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Great Tips For Successful Dog Training

It may seem at first like it's difficult to train your dog, but with the right advice, you're going to realize it's not as bad as you once thought. There are so many things you can do to help your dog have a better learning and bonding experience with you. Continue reading to find out what is good dog training, and you will be glad that you did.

Tip: Don't automatically assume that your dog will not bite you due to the fact that you are human and you are therefore the leader. If your dog isn't trained, they may believe you are in his pack; however, they may believe that they are the leader, not you.

Don't ever use harsh language or physical punishment when trying to train your dog. Instead, you need to use commands, and it's always better to utilize positive reinforcement. This institutes the use of rewards based on performance while training.

Tip: A good training tip is to be aware of the special grooming needs of your dog's breed. Attention to your dogs grooming needs, whether it's a weekly thing, as some breeds require or less frequently, gives you time to build a good relationship with your dog.

If you're trying to train your dog to a crate, then you need to have the correct size crate for your specific dog and something that they are comfortable with. If you're training your dog with a ball, see what ball the dog likes. It's very important to let them be a part in the decision making process about certain things because this helps the bonding and learning experience.

Tip: When your dog jumps on you, take its paws in your hands and lightly squeeze them to let it know that jumping on people is not an acceptable behavior. Do something that makes them uncomfortable so that they can associate their action with something negative.

When training your dog, consistency is also key. You must make sure you develop and follow a schedule as closely as you can. Work with your pet each day at certain times of the day. You need to do it the same way, and you need to provide the same reward. This consistency will benefit you in helping everything turn out much quicker.

Tip: Dog training takes time and consistency. Dogs learn from repetition and consistency.

You want to train your dog the things you want them to learn as early as you possibly can. This means that you should try to train them when they are puppies if possible. Sometimes it may not be possible, but train them as soon as you get them. It's just easier to train dogs when they're younger.

Tip: To keep dogs from scratching at doors or jumping on people and furniture, try spraying them with a water-filled spray bottle. You dog needs to learn what behaviors are acceptable as well as those that are not.

When your dog does what he or she is supposed to do, you reward them yes, but you also make sure you praise them. This is during times when you're not training as well. Praising your dog and telling them that they did a great job is very good.

Tip: When giving commands to your body, your tone and volume level should remain the same. This tone tells the dog that you mean business and that they need to obey.

Don't try to do everything at once and get to the advanced stuff right at the beginning. You should begin with simple commands and work your way up the dog training ladder. Let your dog get used to training and everything that is expected before you get in too deep.

Tip: When you are training your dog with a leash, try to ensure that the leash is loose. When they're on a walk, they are anxious to check things out.

Be certain that you do not get mixed up between correction and punishment. As mentioned previously, you do not want to physically punish your dog, and you don't want to get harsh with your animal. Instead positive reinforcement is key, and you must differentiate between correction and punishment. Correction is making the changes by explanation in this case and not force or anger.

Training your dog is a worthwhile process that pays dividends. You will enjoy a life with your dog in which they are very well-mannered and much fun. They will respect others, and they will be a loving pet to have.

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