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In the UK there are countless locations for fishing, some of the more highly regarded salmon fishing locations being right on your doorstep.

Of course Scotland is celebrated as one of the most renowned salmon fishing areas, but places like Devon, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales are very popular too.

Once you get to your idyllic location, how do you start? Catching salmon is a lot different than normal fishing. The team from Ocean Tackle Store have provided a few pointers to be beneficial towards your salmon fishing experience.

First of all, the location for salmon fishing is vital. Of course we already know that some areas in Britain are a lot more suitable than others, Scotland has the highest Salmon populated rivers and lakes and oceans. Its best to use a fishery that is persevering in the conservation of the Salmon population in their lake or river. These fisheries will usually have RSPCA support and all the fish will be healthy on a sustainable diet, ensuring they are happy salmon.

The time of year can also effect how successful you are fishing, with spring and autumn being more rewarding times of the year. Also the best times of the day are during phases of low light on cloudy days. Bright and sunny days will encourage the salmon to flock and assemble deep in the holes of the river. Of course if you can uncover one of these holes with plenty of salmon inside you can fish there all day long!

Fishing with a partner is always advisable as you can work as a team. Whilst one of you fishes the other can assist with spotting salmon, or climb onto a riverbank and observe the actions of the fish, locating specifically where they are. Obviously when you have found the salmon remain still and calm, as salmon can get frightened very easily and will swim away, so always be patient. When you feel a tug on your line reel it in.

Naturally having the right fishing tackle always helps and it differs from region to region, angler to angler. Always make sure your rod is strong and capable, there is nothing worse than letting a huge salmon escape solely because your equipment wasn't up to the job. Salmon fishing of course is always made substantially easier by using the right equipment, so always ask for advice from the staff at the individual fisheries.

Fly-fishing equipment and lines is a must, with a variety of flies and a range of bait. You will also need waders for the deeper water in most rivers if you want to reach the prime spots. Additionally a landing net is key as this will greatly reduce your chances of losing the fish Finally make sure that you have a permit to fish in the river or sea or you could face legal allegations.

Salmon are the more problematic of fish species to catch so its always best to practice your technique before you go to a salmon fishery. Of course using the right equipment, rods and bait always helps and can provide assistance with that all important catch of the day.

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