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Learning How To Draw A Rose For My Wife

I wanted to learn how to draw a rose so that I could use the symbol of the rose in the letters that I write to my wife. I spend a lot of time on the road for work and I get more pleasure out of sitting at the desk with a pencil and paper and writing my wife than I do sending her an email. The flower that we share as being our flower is the rose. I thoughtroses and rings that if I could learn how to draw a rose that it would make things even more special for her when she got my letters every couple of days.

I have spent a lot of time online looking for an easy way to learn how to draw it, but had a difficult time finding a set of instructions that were simple enough for me to comprehend what they were trying to instruct me to do. I continued looking for quite some time until I found the diagram and set of instructions that were fairly easy for me to follow.

I practiced and practiced until I got the rose actually looking like it could be a rose. It was far from perfect, but it was good enough for my wife to understand what I was trying to include in the letter for her.

The rose has been with us since our first date. It was the flower that I got for her when I picked her up at her parent's house when we were just teenagers. From that point on, I have given her roses anytime I want to get her a little something to make her feel special or when I have something that I have to apologize for.

The day of our wedding, there were roses everywhere. They were in the bouquets, on the end of the pews in the church and covering the carriage that took us from the church to the reception hall. It was really a special day and the roses made it that much better. The two of us knew what the roses meant and even though some people may have thought that there were too many roses around that day, it was a day that I will cherish forever.

When I travel, I miss my wife every minute of the day. We have a great relationship even though I am not there with her with the exception of two days out of the week. It used to be so hard to tell her goodbye when I was leaving, but since I can video chat with her each night, text her during the day and send her letters filled with the things that I am doing and thinking, it has gotten much easier.

Now that I know how to draw a rose, I will include it on everything that I send her. I will put it in the cards that I give her on the holidays and she will know that I love her as much as I did when we first met.

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