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For generations, the denim jacket has retained its position as one of the leading pieces of outerwear in men's fashion. However, that's not to say the jacket is unaffected by the ever-changing fashion trends. In fact, as the seasons change and trends come and go, the denim jacket adjusts according to the latest styles, and there's been a range of different denim jacket silhouettes and colour palattes to appear in the last few decades alone.

It is the versatility and durability the denim fabric itself that allows the iconic garment to endure and adapt through every era of fashion. For example, if you're old enough, you'll remember the acid-washed trend that was so popular in the 80s. This denim treatment, which involves washing denim with pumice stones and chlorine, gives the fabric a unique pattern of contrasting dark and white splotches. Though some consider acid-washing (and the entire decade of the 80s) the 'dark days' of fashion, this retro distressing technique still crops up now and again, experiencing a brief renaissance in the late 2000s.

Another iconic era for the denim jacket was the 1970s, when the garment was a staple among 70s rockstars and 'hippies' alike. Rather than acid-washing the denim, many of the denim jackets in this decade were stone-washed, which also involves washing the fabric with pumice stones but doesn't include the addition of chlorine. Many denim jackets at this time sported fringe along the sleeves and/or chest of the garment.

Currently, the denim jacket is still the perfect item for any guy's wardrobe. Today's denim jacket trends borrow from past decades, but have their own fashion-forward point of view. For a vintage-inspired look, you should try a wool-lined denim jacket with a borg collar. Or, for a look that's both urban and earthy, chose a denim jacket with Aztec print details along the shoulders. If you prefer an outdoorsy look, try a classic western-style denim jacket, paired with darker jeans and boots for that rugged cowboy-inspired vibe.

Clearly, there's no excuse for failing to incorporate this splendid garment into your wardrobe. The denim jacket has proven to be a lasting trend and it's unlikely to disappear anytime soon. No matter what your particular fashion taste is, you can find a denim jacket that fits your unique personality. However, when you sport your denim jacket, remember this important law of fashion: never wear matching denims. Always pair your jacket with either a lighter or darker shade of jeans, or simply choose cords or khakis instead.

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