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You can reduce your fear of speaking in the public by simply adopting some of the following tips.

  • Conduct a thorough research on your topic. To meet the expectation of the audience, visit or call the key participants and have a chat with them. Get to know what they expect from your presentation, what they want to learn and what do they already know. Then prepare your presentation accordingly so that it benefits them. These sorts of conversations help you learn and know what your audience expects from you and thus give you the advantage of preparing accordingly beforehand.



  • Prepare well. Don’t write down the whole speech, but a rough outline with the help of the keywords. Then rehearse as much as you can. Be assured that you are able to deliver your speech in a conversational manner without reading the script. Do not memorize it word for word. It will make it sound robotic and dull. Moreover it makes things complicated. Just in case you forget a point you may keep on stumbling in your speech. So avoid it. Keep practicing your speech anywhere and anytime you find it possible.



  • Rehearse well for it. Keep on practicing your speech among a group of friends or coworkers and if possible even with your boss. Ask them about their views on your speech and try to improve accordingly. Also take advantage of this opportunity to get familiar with the room and equipments. This helps you face the audience confidently.



  • Always play a gentle and an amicable host. Get friendly with your audience by arriving early at the venue and greeting them beforehand. Some simple gestures such as shaking hands with them and thanking them for coming can help you build up a warm rapport with them. Try to engage them in a simple talk with you by introducing yourself and asking them about their well being, etc. Convert the strangers into friends and make them feel comfortable.



Always expect success. If you expect it, then you will definitely work hard to achieve it too. Fantasize yourself doing a wonderful job with perfection. Never scare yourself with nightmares. When you expect yourself to do well, you gain confidence. Remember that everyone expects you to do an excellent job.

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