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You Can Buy Amber Jewelry Online - These Tips Will Help

If the very thought of buying jewelry gets you all excited then think of how exciting it is to buy something as unique as amber jewelry to make a fashion statement. Amber has a certain mystical power associated with it that makes it very special. Amber has lived through many civilizations, participated in their customs, and eventually reached us as a good definition of true beauty.


Today, the term jewelry encompasses far more than just another piece of gold on your body. People now explore various materials such as silver, platinum, and even amber to make style statements via their jewelry.

amber jewelry collection

Amber is simply resin from trees that lived millions of years ago and survived through the years to solidify and glow with all its beauty. The fact that the process of formation of the amber takes millions of years is truly endearing.


Elders and youngsters alike favor amber jewelry. While the youngsters find the contemporary designs of the jewelry irresistible, the elders appreciate it because they believe it can summon good luck and ward off evil.


Even though most jewelry stores can cater to your request for amber jewelry, it is easier finding them online. Jewelry stores online work for days on end to popularize this type of jewelry and they also help you make your purchases via their websites. This means that if you were wondering how to buy amber jewelry online now you have your answer.


Most of the online jewelry stores that sell amber jewelry have online catalogues that have the tiniest of details captured to help you make your decision. However, in addition to these details, you need to know a thing or two about grading amber jewelry. Inclusions in amber are not considered flaws unlike other gems.


The following are the grading criteria for amber jewelry


Amber of cognac or rich honey hue is usually the most prized. However, amber enthusiasts may prefer other colors such as pale straw and true yellow. Deep cherry red amber is relatively rare and commands a high price. Unusual green amber varies in price but richer hues are preferred over paler ones.



Just like with most gems, the clarity in amber has significant bearing on its value. Only clear amber highlights the gem’s radiant warm colors. Amber with inclusions such as plant or animal matter is quite valuable when the inclusions are available.



The unique thing about amber is that it sometimes contains once-living things within it. Flies, wasps, bees, spiders, and ants that landed on the resin while it was still wet sometimes become preserved within the gem as it fossilizes. Collectors consider amber jewelry with an ancient insect as a unique prize.


People have been using amber to make jewelry since the Iron Age. However, today’s usage varies significantly from the older times. Today, amber is subjected to various chemical reactions to attain the best transparency and add the classy look to jewelry. Even though this might sound like good news, such processes end up making it difficult to distinguish genuine amber from the fake.


Every time you wish to buy amber online, it is advisable to visit credible websites for your purchases. If you are wondering how to buy amber jewelry online then use the feedback from actual customers or even various forums to help you find the best websites. Ensure that before you buy the amber jewelry that it has certification from a standard authority. This acts as a guarantee that you are on the correct path with your purchases.


The main advantage of buying amber jewelry online is that you can easily compare prices across websites. Any time you find prices ridiculously low then you need to be skeptical of the authenticity of the amber in the jewelry.


In conclusion, this article has been a discussion about how to buy amber jewelry online as well as amber jewelry itself. Amber jewelry is unquestionably a style statement here to stay. Many people believe that genuine amber floats on the surface of water and emits a fragrance when exposed to fire. Obviously, you must never employ such tactics to test your jewelry before buying lest you remain with seriously defaced jewelry. Therefore, do not take shortcuts and do proper research before buying any jewelry online.

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