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How To Easily Train Your Dog To Behave Correctly And Avoid Canine Behavioral Issues

Training your dog to be well behaved can be a long and tiring task. The key to successfully training your dog is to be patient, take advantage of tips, and to remain constant so your dog can begin to get used to his new habits. Start by identifying what issues your dog has. Then after identifying the issue, decide what steps you will take to effectively fix the issue. Follow the advice in this article to fix five basic dog behavioral problems.

Tip: When you go out with your dog, always pay attention to other dogs and animals you come across. You need to be well aware of any dogs that seem aggressive.

The first main problem with training a new dog is teaching him how to come to you when you call for him. This is very important when your dog goes outside or anywhere without a leash. You want your dog to respond to you, so teaching this first is important. Start by calling your dog and rewarding him with a treat when he comes to you. You may need another person to bring your dog to you at first.

Tip: Be certain not to give the dog mixed signals in the aftermath of bad behavior. Your dog picks up on your reactions to things so if you laugh at bad behavior they will take that as it is okay to continue what they are doing.

Having a dog that jumps on people as they come to your house can be very annoying. Not only do some people not like dogs, having a dog jump on guests if they are children or elderly can be dangerous. Work on holding your dog back when new people come into the house, and training them to sit when a new person comes in.

Tip: You need to adhere to a specific feeding routine for your dog. Training your dog to expect that when fed, once or twice a day, you will be removing the food bowl in 10-15 minutes, will lay down a feeding schedule that your dog will adhere to.

If your dog seems to bark very loudly more often than it should, start by identifying why and when your dog is barking. Try quieting your dog when he barks by removing the reason why he is barking. For example, if he is barking through the window at the mailman, close the shades or put him in another room. You can also try to ignore the barking by refusing to give him attention. Make sure to not talk to him, look at him, or even touch him until he is quiet. Reward your dog when he is quiet with a treat or toy.

Tip: Training sessions should be brief. Fifteen minutes is a good amount of time since more will only frustrate your dog.

When you take your dog walking, do you feel as though he/she is walking you? Does he/she try to bite on their leash? This can happen and can make walking your dog very hard. Firmly tell your dog to stop and reward it when it stops.

Tip: Whenever your dog follows a command correctly, give them a treat as a reward. Over time, you can adjust your approach to reward the behaviors with a treat only three-fourths of the time.

Many dogs are known to dig holes. This can be an issue if you like to keep a well manicured yard. Some dogs are known to dig out of boredom or curiosity. Make sure to expose your dog to new areas other than his yard by walking your dog at least twice a day. This will help your dog ward off built up energy. Some dogs dig because they are lonely. Make sure to play with your dog and expose him to people and other dogs.

Dogs can be very hard to train, almost as hard as children! Make sure to be firm but positive- never hit or scold your dog- and always reward your pet with treats or toys. Use the advice in this article to change your pet's bad behavior to perfect behavior.

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