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How To Overcome The Confidence Killers For Public Speaking

In order to be able to speak in front of a large audience you have to be a confident person. So how do you do that? All you have to do is eradicate these so-called ?confidence-killers?. These ?confidence-killers? are self-defeating thought patterns affects many of us in many ways, one of which is hindering us from being able to speak in public or do a public presentation. Here are some confidence-killers and try to see if you have any:

* Do you consider yourself as ?all-or-nothing? person? If so, then this is probably the biggest reason why you never seem to enjoy even the smallest achievements that you get in your life. You think you are a complete failure if you failed to achieve perfection. If you stop being too hard on yourself, this is one step closer to becoming a confident person.
* Being too much of a pessimist. Don?t let negativity get ahead of you. Face everything with no expectations of winning or losing. Just try your best.
* The next one is called the ?negativity magnet?. If you are this type of person, you believe that if what you have is something good, it doesn?t really count. For example, you won eight different contests but you failed to win the ninth one, then don?t think about the one you lost, but instead look at the eight at you?ve won. Going the other way round will surely kill your confidence.
* Perfectionists are good at making ?should statements?. But you have to remember that ?should statements? are more about what you think people expect from you, and not what you really want. An example of this is if someone makes a statement that everyone should learn how to speak French; for the people who don?t have know how to speak French might agonize at this thought and think that there is something wrong with them.
* Never say that you are a loser or that everything went wrong because of you. If you have to label yourself, then it should be that you are a confident person.
* Don?t be a ?compliment-constrictor?. If you are like this, you will feel that you are not worth the compliment. Learn to accept compliments. It helps boost confidence

If you are able to find out your confidence killer/s from these, then you are on the road to gaining self-confidence. The only thing left to do is to train yourself to beat these confidence killers so that the next time you are asked to speak for an audience, you will never hesitate to do so.

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