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How To Quit Smoking (3)

How to quit smoking? Millions of people ask themselves this question. But before 'how' there should be 'why'. The moment you understand why you really want to stop smoking, the path to being nicotine-free becomes clearer. You begin by reading on nicotine therapy and the aids it relies on, you discover the necessity of psychological support and you become aware of the life changes that smoking cessation brings.
Nicotine-based products can do part of the job to support your quit smoking effort, but they don't solve the entire problem for you. On many occasions, nicotine gum, patches or sprays can give addiction too. You need to be very careful with usage, and closely follow the given instructions that show you how to gradually decrease the nicotine intake. Several other things are needed on your part to be successful in this attempt. How to quit smoking without understanding that you need to compensate for the mental gap that cigarettes will leave behind.
There are wrong ways of dealing with smoking as well, like over-eating, for example. You eat to make the nicotine craving go away, but this is not a good idea at all. You can try physical training for instance, and drink a larger amount of liquids. Regular workouts create the hormonal balance that you need to deal with nicotine cleansing from the system. Water supports this effort, by flushing the toxins away. Once you go through these stages, the dilemma of 'how to quit smoking' dissolves in the experience of it.
How to quit smoking when you are over-stressed? The nerves soothing effect that cigarettes seem to induce is only temporary and apparent. Nicotine triggers a quick and minor release of dopamine in the blood, which makes you relax. But the effect doesn't last for too long and you soon feel the need to smoke another cigarette. Thus you enter a vicious circle that you can't escape, as you seem to be smoking more and more. You can learn some other stress management techniques, in order to no longer rely on nicotine.
Once you manage to calm down and relax on your own, and carry on without the pressing activities, you'll feel elated with this new ability that was hiding within you. How to quit smoking then becomes something to practice every day. You begin by eliminating the reasons that keep you a prisoner to tobacco, and one day, eventually, you find the strength to say: 'no more'.

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