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How To Quit Smoking Now

How to get quit smoking now itself is a question that many smokers tend to grapple with, smoking is a good habit to get rid off, the health benefits of a smoke free lifestyle is endless and can relatively give you at least twenty years back of your life. Nicotine is one of the most carcinogenic and addictive substances that we deliberately keep burdening our bodies with, however getting rid of the most addictive habit in the world is indeed a challenge for many. How to quit smoking now is a tough call for many, but rest assured it is the correct decision that can add years to your life as well as your loved ones.
Indulging in gimmicks such as gum and medical aids cannot solve the problem in the long run for serious addicts; it may even exacerbate the condition, however all these are dependent on how long one has been smoking and the amount of cigarettes one has consumed over the years. If both tally in large amounts and in long period of years , how to quit smoking now itself may take some time and the person may be in need of further treatment to get rid of the addiction. There are many programs now that helps you to know how to quit smoking now itself, these programs are neuro - linguistically and psychologically trained programs conducted under the supervision of clinical medical doctors.
There is a program however that helps you to know how to quit smoking now , developed by Rob Mellor , he has perfected his program and has conducted it on over 5000 chain smokers, according to Rob Mellor under his program he can help chain smokers to give up the habit in a little under 38 minutes and 13 seconds. With this method you will know how to quit smoking now and you will not need any aids such as nicotine aids and patches to relieve any after effects or signs of withdrawal, If what According to Mellor is true his results are astonishing indeed, he says that over 99.7 % of smokers gave up smoking for a month soon after his how to quit smoking now program, and 97.2 % gave up smoking for a period of six months and all this is guaranteed under 40 minutes of his program. This program is freely available to all and is can be directly downloaded in the MP3 format on an MP3 player or a CD online.
Mellor has promised to rid you off this habit for good and he also further promises to rid of you any social pressures and cravings that propel you towards that cigarettes and furthermore you will need not spend any more money on aids that do little to get to the root of the habit, all this sound too good to be true, well for the little time you spent this is a worthwhile option to consider for all those who are wondering how to quit smoking now and forever.

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