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Winter is coming and the first use for your wardrobe is to keep warm. Luckily, there are several key pieces to have this winter that will keep you warm - and fashionable.

The first thing to invest in is a good winter coat. There are several different styles to choose from, so try on a variety and decide which suits you best. A quilted duffle coat will keep you warm and comfortable with a casual look. For a more tailored look, consider a pea coat in a neutral colour. You will be able to match a neutral colour more easily to the rest of your outfit, and the tailored coat will offer a more professional or dressed up vibe.

Sweaters and other knitwear are a perfect addition to your wardrobe in the winter. A pull-over thicker-knit cable sweater is stylish with a vintage vibe. A knit cardigan is a versatile and functional piece for your wardrobe. These items can be worn in neutral colours to match other pieces, or try them in a bright colour to be the main focus of your outfit. Knitwear is a warm and stylish investment that will take you through the cold winter months.

Every good winter wardrobe needs a hoodie or two. These comfortable but fashionable pieces are another versatile addition to your closet. With or without a zipper, a hoodie can be colourful, patterned or textured. They put an athletic twist on any outfit without making too many assumptions. Hoodies are a great investment that will keep you warm, comfortable and stylish this winter season.

Accessorising these with scarves and gloves is a great way to add colour to your winter wardrobe. Scarves come in a variety of styles, from wide and long to knit and patterned. A scarf with a bold colour or pattern will bring any winter outfit to life and will go perfectly with your neutral coloured coat. A warm pair of gloves to match will tie the entire look together effortlessly.

Remember to consider your footwear when preparing for winter. A good quality boot will not only keep your feet dry and warm but will also complete any outer-wear ensemble.

Winter wardrobes are easy to put together and fun to wear. Key pieces for winter are great investments because they will keep you warm and stylish during those cold winter months. Bright knits, hoodies or accessories bring a splash of colour to the darkest months.

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