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Indian jewelry has gained immense popularity across the globe in the past few years. This is mainly due to the fact that Indian jewellery items are known for their exquisite and elegant looks. The uniqueness of indian jewellery is also an important factor for its increasing popularity.    

Indian jewelry plays a crucial role in daily life on an Indian woman. According to the customs and traditions in India, every married woman is supposed to wear special finger rings, bangles, earrings, nose ring and necklaces. Most of the Indian jewellery designs feature themes based on ancient text symbols, geometric patterns and nature. Sometimes emblems are also used for marking the dynasty.

Apart from gold, silver is also a popular metal used for creating different types of jewelry items. Ornaments made from silver are enhanced by oxidizing the metal with intricate and embossed designing. Gemstones like ruby, coral, emerald, sapphire, etc are sometimes added to gold jewelry ornaments.

On some special occasions, most Indian families look forward to by some form or silver or gold coins or jewelry to mark the beginning of good luck and prosperity. The recent change in silver and gold jewelry designing has become immensely popular globally. However, a majority of jewelry designers are still influenced by ancient patterns and motifs.

It is not easy to categorize Indian jewelry. This is mainly due to the fact that every Indian state has its unique design that represents something exclusive, thus making a particular tribe or culture easily identifiable. In most cases, the ethnic designs are substituted with semi-precious stones to make them affordable. Gold patterns are usually replaced with different metal combinations, whereas silver is replaced with white metal.

Where to buy Indian jewelry

While looking for Indian jewellery, internet is the best place. There are a number of websites that showcase different designs and patterns of jewelry ornaments that are made in India. Here, you get an opportunity to compare the cost and design of different jewelry items and select the one based on your budget and needs. 

Due to the many advantages online shopping offers, an increasing number of people now prefer buying jewelry items from the internet. As these web portals are accessible from anywhere, you can buy a jewelery item of your choice, right from the comforts of your home or office. So, if you are planning to buy jewelry for your loved ones, buying it online would be a good option.


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