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Jewels have charmed us since long. No wonder that everyone loves to flaunt them, no matter the occasion. Indians, in particular are obsessed with the jewellery the most. Gold holds the major share when it comes to Indian jewellery. There were times, when only women were fascinated by gold, but times have changed and so a clear shift is now visible with men showing their love for gold. Gold-chains, rings and bracelets form major of the accessories men prefer wearing.

It is not uncommon to find an Indian women showing off her gold ornaments at social gatherings.  Once considered a thing only for the affluent class, a status symbol, today every other person walking down the path can be seen wearing it. It clearly signifies the importance it has gained in our lives. No one wishes to lag behind in showing off his class and gold is a great partner for such events.

The Indian subcontinent with its big geographical extensions offers a great diversity. Culture, traditions, food, jewellery and every possible thing differs from each region with an unique touch   to it. The diversity in Indian jewellery can be easily observed in ornaments being worn. Down south, women prefer wearing heavy jewellery, unlike other regions where women like to keep it light weighted. In northern India, more emphasis is given to carved designs. Similarly, the western region is more inclined towards the mirror and stone kind of jewellery. The eastern region is more of bead types of ornaments.

Platinum has in the recent past gained immense popularity to compete with the gold standards. Yet, gold still rules high in both the mind and heart of Indians. Not even the sky-rocketing prices have deterred the buyers from buying gold. The marriage season is any gold business owner's festive season. Sale of gold during such periods is so high that it almost covers up the cost for the entire year. The festive season of Diwali is another booming sales period where people rush in to buy Indian jewelry. Special occasions such as marriage are considered the most auspicious for gifting the loved ones with gold jewellery.

Unlike their western counterparts who like to keep it plain and simple, the Indian brides are too much concerned about their jewellery. Gold ornaments hold supreme importance in any Indian wedding and so designs and craft are given due care. Indians are slowly getting addicted to designer stuff and are ready to spend large to buy Indian jewelry.


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