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Let Romance Live Through Girls Bedroom Furniture

While contemporary designs are spreading like wildfire, this goes with saying goodbye to many other design ideas. Contemporary designs while functional are just too harsh with its straight lines and sleek forms. On the other hand, some designs are just too beautiful to go behind the curtain, while contemporary design rule. It means that romantic girls bedroom furniture will be harder to find or may take some to be custom-made. Bedroom and romance just go together it will be hard to think of one without the other.
Girls generally feel a close affinity to all shades of pink, flowers, laces, ribbons, candles, scents and dainty baskets. That is not surprising because these are all elements of a luxurious and romantic ambiance that almost all girls dream of having in their lives. And the bedroom is where this dream can be allowed to exist like a fairy tale.
If you desire to give your little princess of a daughter a romantic yet country inspired bedroom, mixing girls bedroom furniture with designs of a Chantilly Rose can exude luxury and comfort. A daybed with an intricate design on one side can very well serve the purpose and it will not be too oversized too. A Chantilly Rose daybed bedding set includes a comforter and pleated skirt in soft silk and pink floral prints. The luxury filled room is made better with a whole set of pillows in coordinated colors and prints.
This same luxury and elegance plus romance can be the prevailing theme in choosing the other girls bedroom furniture to complete the ambiance. An elaborate matching nightstand with a lamp that has stunning tassel fringes can be coordinated with the bed and the windows. The windows can be treated with floor length curtains in the same Chantilly Rose fabric with matching valances and tassel fringes. Meanwhile, a chest or a drawer and a pair of wing chairs with a matching table in the same intricate design can complete the ensemble.
Luxurious, elegant and romantic from the girls bedroom furniture down to the tiniest ribbon and flowerets. Any girl who will be lucky enough to grow up in such ambience will know the meaning of being loved and loving back.

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