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Make Walking With A Friend A Part Of Your Fitness Program!

One of the most enjoyable ways I have found to stay fit is by simply walking with a partner. We have found a very safe local walking path that is exactly one mile around and the scenery along the way is very peaceful. What makes it this path so nice is that it isn’t flat. In fact, it has some steeper inclines in both directions to challenge us both by working out our legs a bit more. There are others of course walking their dogs, pushing their small children in strollers, and of course some are walking or running also.

Staying fit doesn’t mean you have to put yourself through some excruciating high paced workout that leaves you completely drained by the time you are finished. Now of course if that is your thing and you enjoy it, by all means go for it. However, if you want to keep it simple so that you don’t eventually burn yourself out and give up your fitness program altogether my advice is to make it fun and enjoyable.

Now the walking path I described above is not in every town across the world; however, there are many other walking paths you can design around your neighborhood that you will thoroughly enjoy. Add a walking or running partner that you like hanging out with to the mix and it will not only help you stay fit, but the friendship you will build will last a life time. The conversations that you will have along your walking path will continue to grow over time, giving you even more incentive to continue your fitness program.

Tip: Basic bodybuilding workout: To build muscle mass, lift more weight for fewer reps. Start off by choosing a muscle group like the chest.

The advantage of a walking partner is that you will both hold each other accountable. There will be days that one of you may not want to go, but because you don’t want to let your partner down you will go anyway. The best part of that is that you will normally be glad that you did when you have completed your walk. On the other hand, if you normally workout on your own, you don’t have to explain to anyone that you don’t feel like putting yourself through a workout today. This means that you will eventually give up, unless you are very strong willed and self motivated.

Keep in mind that no legitimate fitness program is complete without eating right and in moderation. Limit your fatty foods like bacon, sausage, deep fried anything, fast foods, too much red meat, cheese, butter, processed foods, and plenty more. Look at the food packaging prior to making your purchase and if you see saturated fats listed there is a good chance it isn’t good for you. On the other hand there are some very good foods that will fill you up, taste great, and of course are healthy for you. Some examples of healthier foods are salads without a ton of dressing, almost all fresh fruits and vegetables, foods with whole grains, many types of fish, turkey breast, and many others.

So call up that friend and together make a commitment today to begin walking together. Make it part of your new daily fitness program and who knows, you may even enjoy it!

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