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Organic Gardening Tips: Importance Of PH

Organic gardening is a wonderfully soothing, calming, and rewarding hobby. In this article, we will be discussing an organic gardening tip having to do with the soil’s pH. This will help improve your plants’ growth rates, resistance to various bugs, warding off diseases, and numerous other benefits. After you put method to use, you’ll have to give this organic gardening tip to everyone, because everyone will notice the spectacular results.

The Soil’s pH

Tip: Water is your garden's best friend. Your plants need it to survive.

The soil’s pH determines whether it is alkaline or acidic. Neutral soil has a pH of 7. Soils can range from being extremely acidic (0) or extremely basic, or alkaline, (14). However, it is quite a rare occurrence when one would find soil to be at either extreme. The best pH for a nutrient rich soil is between 6 and 7 (slightly acidic to neutral). There are actually plants you can plant that would bring your soil into this perfect pH state.

Sweet Pea: Soil’s pH Improver

Tip: When gardening in the fall, you need to be watching for stink bugs. Stink bugs like to reside in tomatoes, beans, and pepper plants, as well as many fruits.

The sweet pea (Lathyrus Odoratus) is a plant that’s perfect for this organic gardening tips page. Not only does it improve your soil’s pH levels, but it also gives off a wonderful scent. The piercing scent of sweet peas epitomizes summer. Unfortunately, the modern varieties have obtained their size, color, and perfection of form largely at the expense of fragrance, although there are still some fragrant strands to be found. To give the nose a real feast, you have to return to the older varieties. These are usually offered in an Old-fashioned or Grandiflora mix. However, you may sometimes find sweet pea types like Painted Lady (the oldest sweet pea variety) and Matucana. Both of these are quite sweetly scented.

Tip: One very good way to deal with weeds is to boil them away. Boiling water is an excellent, organic substance for use against weeds.

It’s easiest to obtain already somewhat grown sweet pea plants. However, if you’re going with the plant’s organic garden seeds, it’s best to sow them singly in three-inch pots under glass in late winter. Then, take the slightly grown plant out of the pot and plant it outside in early spring. Support the small plants with bushy twigs and then train them onto wigwams or trellises of cane and string. Plant sweet peas six to eight inches below ground level. Sweet peas need to be watered regularly and need quite a bit of sun.

Once these plants are in the soil, they balance out the nitrogen level, restoring the pH of the soil back to normal. In the middle of autumn, carefully dig the sweet pea out again, and place it in an appropriately large pot. Repeat next season for continued pH improvements of your soil. Not too many people know about it, so be the first on your block to utilize this all-important organic gardening tip.

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