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It is easy to make presentations today, thanks to PowerPoint. In order to make the process of teaching and learning easy and fun filled, teachers and lecturers use presentations. Still there are professionals who follow their age-old beliefs for presentations and thus make them without using PowerPoint.

It is boring to have presentations without the use of PowerPoint. Minus the musical background and visual aids, the presentation appears quite monotonous. With the help of PowerPoint there comes in a huge change for the audience in the presentation. Thus, the use of creativity is essential in the presentations being made without the aid of PowerPoint.

To give a successful presentation without the use of PowerPoint, always remember to be precise and exact about what you are talking. Remember to first understand and learn the disposition and nature of the audience and then make your presentation.

Always present the beginning of the presentation by keeping in mind the end of it. Without PowerPoint you might lose the interest of the audience soon, so always remember the purpose of your presentation. To leave a lasting image, make a strong start. Since you are presenting without PowerPoint, always remember to set the right tone among the audience to listen to you throughout your presentation by carefully planning your first words and appearance.

One of the most important things to remember is to work on your speech as much as possible because without the visual treat that the PowerPoint offers, whatever you say and the way you make your speech is detrimental. Only practice can make a person a successful speaker.

Props can also be used to make a presentation, without PowerPoint. Look interesting because a prop may convey a message more easily and substantially. As long as it conveys the message, it works as an effective tool.

By bringing in the solutions to the problem you are discussing in your presentation, you can grab the attention of the audience, even though you are not using the PowerPoint. As you have already researched the audience, you would already know their problem and all you will need to do is to bring in new ideas to make them try it.

The only visual aid for the audience, if you are not using the PowerPoint, is you. So minus the PowerPoint, the success of the presentation depends solely on the speaker as there are no fancy slides to drive them off the speaker. So the speaker needs to be self confident and well versed in his speech.

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