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Some of us if not most of us pick up a cigarette at some point in our lives. While some will cough and wonder what on earth one gains by inhaling smoke and throw it away others will be hooked. Unfortunately for some it will be for life and the battle to quit smoking cigarettes would have officially begun. A cigarette seems quite harmless as it sits there or when offered to you but sometimes all it takes is one puff and you would risk a lifetime spent under its influence. And when you do fall under its influence, you will be joining countless millions around the world who want to quit smoking cigarettes. But anybody who has tried to quit smoking cigarettes will tell you that it is rarely as easy as it seems. But why quit one would ask? Let’s start with the not so serious reasons like the financial cost. A cigarette costs money and depending on how much you smoke you could be a person smoking a few packs a year or dozens if not hundreds of packs in a year. Now think of how much all that would cost and how you could’ve better used the money you have burnt up. And then also question yourself is the benefit of smoking has been anything good?
Most people caught up in this habit don’t really think about themselves, for those who engage in it are to at least a certain extent aware of the repercussions. But some do care about its effects on the people around them and the ones they love. So one good reason why someone should quit smoking cigarettes is the harm that they do to the people around them due to passive smoke inhalation. Countless studies conducted over the years and around the world have time and time again proven the hazards of passive smoking. So ask yourself if you want to knowingly cause anyone around you any amount of harm. Sadly though a considerable segment of the smoking community will not find it to be a reason strong enough to quit smoking cigarettes.
Then of course there is the harm you do yourself by engaging in this habit. It is believed that one in every two people who smoke for life will die as a result of that habit. It is also common knowledge that failure to quit smoking cigarettes causes multiple types of cancers and respiratory illnesses. Blocked blood vessels, weak hearts, damaged lungs are just some of the long list of side effects of continuous smoking. Then factor in the hundreds and thousands of dollars one will have to pay in medical bills, insurance premiums and other expenses, all directly attributed to smoking. Think about it and make a commitment to quit smoking cigarettes. You could end up making life far more rewarding and beautiful for yourself, the ones you love and pretty much everybody who live around you.

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