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Rainbow Gems And Crystal Jewelry

Diamonds are still the most coveted and most precious stones that man has ever known, and there is no doubting that. Fine cut diamonds never fail to add class and sophistication to any piece of jewelry. Despite the flashy sparkle and appeal of diamonds, some people prefer some color in their accessories. Colored diamonds are as exquisite, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford the cost. On this instance, gems and crystal jewelry can be the best alternative.

Not that gems and crystal jewelry are inexpensive; these are still pricey especially when crafted by some notable designers or when going for the rare gems and crystals. These are just a little less expensive than clear or colored diamonds.

Red – is the warmest of all the gem colors. It is a symbol of blood, thus, life and vitality. It is also the color of love, passion, and lust. The most notable red jewel is ruby, and a variety of corundum with chromium makes it red. It is a precious stone along with diamonds, sapphire, and emerald. Its price is influenced by its color; the most valuable is the so-called “pigeon blood-red.” Try to imagine this ruby as pendant hanging on a chain that rests just above a woman’s heart. Can there be anything more romantic for a gift to a ladylove?

Orange – is a healing color that fosters enthusiasm and creativity as well as vitality and endurance. It has the fiery energies of red, but subtler. Orange gemstones come in a variety of tints and shades like maroon, wine and coral. Spessartine garnet is prized for its orangey tint and can make eye-catching jewelry for women. Other orange gems include fire opal, orange sapphire, and ammolite.

Yellow – Yellow means joy, and like sunlight, it carries clarity and awareness. Darker shades impart a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Yellow clears the mind and promotes mental activity and alertness. Thus, gemstones like topaz, citrine, and zircon are full of creative and intellectual energy.

Green – Green jade, emerald, moss agate, and peridot brings tranquility, well-being, and life force. This is because green carries the powerful energies of nature and growth, thus, growth and expansion. It is also a symbol of the master healer. The green gemstones attract prosperity, fertility, and balance. Green gems make elegant jewelry pieces that can be worn during the day at work.

Blue – Think blue gems and blue sapphires come to mind. Adorning the ears and finger of a woman with blue sapphires never fail to get attention especially when small diamonds make the jewelry set sparkle. There are number of blue gems that given the right setting can be as gorgeous as a sapphire such as aquamarine, lapis azuli, blue zircon, and blue lace agate. Blue is the color of heaven, ocean, and inspiration. It is a calming color and the gem promotes peace as well as inspiration.

Indigo – Deep, dark indigo sodalite, indigo jade, or azurite is the color of the midnight sky. It is a blend of the blue and violet symbolizing the mystical borderland of self-mastery and wisdom. The use of the indigo can open the subconscious that bridges the finite and infinite or the worldly and the cosmic knowledge.

Violet – Violet is the color of purpose, good judgment, the crown of chakra and peace of mind. Amethyst, purpurite and lepidolite are just some examples of violet and purple gemstones. These gemstones are associated with mysticism, purification and therefore, can be used to meditate and sharpen awareness of the higher self.

These colored stones not only make stunning gems and crystal jewelry, these can also promote healing and protection, vigor and health, intelligence and inspiration and many more. Get these set in silver and these will not be too costly that make them ideal daily jewelry. You can have it set in platinum if you want to go the extra mile and value.

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