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Shell beads like the wings of an angel, hiding deep in the ocean waiting people to find out its beauty therefore shell beads are widely used in shell jewelry making. Have you ever distressed about presenting gift to your friends? No need to distress anymore. Try to make handmade shell beads jewelry to say how much they mean to you.

Shell beads

In ancient ages, people have used shell beads to make decorations already. In a sense, shell beads stand for a culture. Shell beads jewelry and other forms of personal decoration were one of the most important expressions of early human culture. And the ancient shell beads are worth to collect. Therefore, many people like the vintage style shell beads very much.

Shell beads

Glittering with the unique charm of ocean, shell beads attach a tropical and exotic beauty and vitality to you when wearing them. Shell beads look especially fantastic with various kinds of dresses, bringing out the lively and nifty side of you. Apart from natural sea shell beads, there are many natural freshwater shell beads on the market today. On the market, shell beads come in different kinds and are produced combined with other materials to create new items. They are good accessories for jewelry making.

Mother of pearl shell beads, one popular shell beads, are made from the inner shell layer of pearl oyster or fresh water pearl mussel shell. Mother of Peal shell beads come in many shapes and sizes for example free form, nuggets, cube, flat rounds, flat squares and many other interesting beading shapes. Spiral shell beads retain vivid natural shapes and dyed in hot colors, give theme design a lighthearted style. It can mix with other beads to make different designs. They are popular for jewelry accessory like necklaces, bracelets and earrings. While, please notice that due to some of those beads are dyed, colors may be vary slightly.

Shell beads

Shell beads can easily be purchased from online store if you would like to have a variety of selection. If you have any question about the shell beads, you’d better to contact with the owner to know them clearly before you purchase them. I purchase my shell beads from—a leading China beads and findings wholesaler for more then 7 years. I will send email to its customer service team if I have any question about shell beads and other jewelry supplies at any time. And they always give me the satisfied answers very fast. The beads I received are always what I expected. In addition, its items are really at the most reasonable prices. For those reasons, I have become its customers for more than 7 year. If you would like to make gorgeous jewelry gifts, purchase some shell beads to try.

Shell beadsShell beads

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