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Smallmouth Bass Fishing: A Most Enjoyable And Exciting Form Of Fishing

There is perhaps no other kind of fish that is so exciting to angle for than the Smallmouth bass that in fact is fish that thrives in cold water and in lakes as well as in rivers and streams. It is with good reason that Smallmouth Bass fishing is considered the most enjoyable and exciting form of fishing and in fact, presence of Smallmouth Bass in the water is also an indication that the waters there are very healthy.
Canada Offers Excellent Opportunities
Smallmouth Bass fishing is best performed in waters that can stretch from California to Maine and in fact these fish are only not found in areas where temperatures are on the high side and where hot weather for prolonged periods of time is common occurrence. Smallmouth Bass fishing is in fact more suited in places where the waters are cool, clean and so, you may even need to head to Canada for your next bout of Smallmouth Bass fishing – because there are ideal conditions there for anyone interested in Smallmouth Bass fishing.
Smallmouth Bass fishing can also prove to be especially enjoyable when you angle for such Bass fish in rivers and streams. The challenge posed by Smallmouth Bass, who with natural tendency to fight, and along with the fast moving currents can give any angler an exciting opportunity to do battle with these fish. You must however be aware of the different kinds of prey that Smallmouth Bass feed on and to also know the best way to angle for such fish.
You may want to use the same methods to do Smallmouth Bass fishing as you do when fishing for trout though Smallmouth Bass is not quite as wary as is trout and so; catching Smallmouth Bass is a lot easier. For best results you will need to use live bait of every kind including worms, minnows, leeches and hellgrammites. In addition, you will also need to know the proper way of rigging the bait including trying to bounce the bait off the bottom of the stream or river.
You must also use different kinds of lures including ones such as spoons, spinners, minnow replicas, and spinner baits as too top water lures. If you would much rather go striped bass fishing you may also need to check out the Hudson River that offers excellent opportunities. To make your Smallmouth Bass fishing efforts really pay off you should try your fishing in a lake where chances of landing a catch are a lot better.
The bottom line is that few other form of fishing are comparable to that of Smallmouth Bass fishing and once you get started you just won’t be able to get enough.

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