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The Age Old Lemon Juice Cleansing Diet

Cleansing diets and fasting diets are as old as the mountains. People have been going along their path quietly and using the lemon juice cleansing diet to benefit their bodies and to cleanse it. In our modern world, the minute a celebrity uses or admits to having used something, it turns into a media frenzy. Suddenly doctors and dietitians go on record for denouncing the extreme detoxing methods of the lemon juice cleansing diet and proclaiming the dangers.

Tip: Drink juice first before eating a meal. You get great health benefits from juicing and provide your body with a good tasting snack as well.

They tell horror stories of the lemon juice that could cause severe dental decay to people suffering debilitating fatigue episodes. It is surprising that people who’ve been following the lemon juice cleansing diet for years, sit amazed, eyebrows raised. We are by no means making light of the dangers of starving your body over extended periods of time. The lemon juice and water diet is and has never meant to be followed for weeks and months at a time.

Tip: Don't go crazy when making your juices. You do not need multiple types of vegetables in order to create a healthful juice.

In 1941, naturist Stanley Burroughs published his book, The Lemonade Cleansing Diet that outlines the lemon juice cleansing diet. In his book he gives the recipe for the lemon juice cleansing diet and outlines the benefits he feels can be derived from this juice fasting. Stanley Burroughs published his book to promote his views on health; it had nothing to do with crash diets and celebrities. He simply gave his reasoning for devising the lemon juice cleansing diet. As well as the benefits of regularly detoxing the body can have on a person’s overall wellbeing.

Simple And Easy To Follow

Tip: You will make a significant amount of pulp with the juicing process. How much is made is dependent upon the vegetables and fruits you choose to juice.

The recipe for the lemon juice cleansing diet is simple and consists of only four ingredients. A single serving is made of one cup of purified water to which is added two tablespoons of lemon or lime juice. A pinch of cayenne pepper and 2 tablespoons of organic Grade B maple syrup are then added to this. Always used fresh lemons and never processed lemon juice. Also do not make large quantities ahead of time as you will lose the nutrients in the lemon juice to oxidation.

This is the lemon juice cleansing diet and to detox the body this regime should be followed for between five and seven days. No other food is eaten during this time, but lots of water should be had and organic green tea or herbal teas is allowed. Roughly ten servings of the lemon juice cleansing diet mixture should be taken per day for maximum benefits according to Stanley Burroughs. People who have used this cleansing and detoxing diet swear by it and they have shown no negative health benefits, except weight loss.

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