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All of Vienna is a great work of art, which is why UNESCO has declared the city's historic quarter a World Heritage Site. Although many cities bear the same title, few provide the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee at the same tables where such luminaries as Freud, Mozart, Schubert or Popper once sat. Likewise, it is possible to count on one hand the number of cities that have generated as many geniuses for their size. Only Rome and Athens come close. Especially in the cafés of Vienna, you can get a taste of the day-to-day lives of these geniuses.

Tours through Vienna tend to be long, because there are simply so many things to see. You will undoubtedly need to take a little break part way through. The first recommended stop is the Central Café, where you can enjoy a coffee with milk and your choice of more than twenty different kinds of sweets. Perhaps the celebrated poet and writer, Peter Altenberg, the principal exponent of Viennese bohemianism, once sat in the same chair you’ll occupy. Altenberg always wrote his works at the Central Café, leaving only when he was ready to go to bed. He even had his mail delivered to this famous Viennese café!

All of Vienna continues to move in 3/4 time to the rhythm of Johann Strauss, the Waltz King. The city's buildings, architecture, paintings, streets and cafés evoke the melody of the Blue Danube, and you won't stop hearing it the whole time you're in Vienna, as you travel by buggy all the way to the Frauenhuber Café, the oldest in the city. Once again, the atmosphere will be one of regal grandiosity among marble tables, classic chairs, exquisite coffee and excellent confectionery, which once attracted such greats as Beethoven and Mozart. Some tourists complain about the prices, perhaps without realising that it requires a certain investment to live like a king, a nobleman or a genius.

The Landtmann Café, Freud's personal favourite, today continues to welcome the local intellectual elite. It's the perfect place for an evening debate over the latest newspaper headlines. If you really want to live like the bohemians, though, don’t miss a visit to Hawelka Café, where the warm, welcoming atmosphere makes it the ideal place to enjoy a drink while resting after a long tour through the city centre.

These are only a few of the many cafés, as Vienna's “culture of coffee, sweets and intellectual discourses” ensures that each street corner presents yet another warm and inviting establishment in which to comment on the beauty offered by this city on the shores of the Danube.

If you are planning a trip to Vienna in the near future and would like to immerse yourself in this intriguing atmosphere, you might want to book a tour through the Cafés of Vienna - you will be able to get information on available theme tours at the front desk of the majority of hotels in Vienna. However, if you would like to simply discover them for yourself, there's no better option than to wander through Vienna's historic quarter with a notebook. After all, you might just be inspired to write a little story about your adventures in the cafés of Vienna while you're there.

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