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The Canon EOS 40D

The Canon EOS 40D is a 10 megapixel SLR digital camera that saw a lot of hype prior to its release. According to users who have bought this camera, it lives up to the hype – and then some. Its DIGIC III image processor and large 3 inch LCD make it a favorite among casual photographers and professionals alike.
Users have nothing but lavish praise for this camera. The Canon EOS 40D consistently gets 5-star ratings and plenty of glowing reviews from owners. Some laud the camera’s impressive light sensitivity and its hefty size. The camera feels substantial, not like something fragile that might break with rough treatment. With the EFS 17-85 IS in place, the camera weighs in at two and a half pounds! But it does fit into the photographer’s hands naturally, and handles very well.
Professional action photographers use this camera for outdoor work and enjoy its sharpness and color identity. The camera even cleans itself every time it is turned off, thanks to an automatic sensor cleaning feature.
Some users feel that the Canon EOS 40D is more suited to advanced camera users. The sheer number of features can be intimidating. Customers recommend a lot of patience and exploration, or even the purchase of special training DVDs to help new photographers learn the ins and outs of the 40D.
Here are just a few of the Canon EOS 40D’s many features:
* 10.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
* DIGIC III Image Processor
* RAW, JPEG File Format
* Canon EF/EF-S Lens Mount
* Auto and Manual Focus
* Auto and Manual Exposure
* ISO 100-1600 (3200 Enhanced)
* 3.0-inch LCD
* Compact Flash Memory
* Lithium-ion Battery
* USB Cable
* Video Cable
* Neck Strap
* Battery Charger
The Canon EOS 40D is an SLR professional grade digital camera with image resolutions of 3888 x 2592, 2816 x 1880, and 1936 x 1288. It has a minimum shutter speed of 30 seconds, and a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 seconds. Pictures can be snapped rapid-fire for excellent action shots. The EOS 40D does up to 75 images in burst mode. Its exposure controls include Auto, Manual, Daylight / Sunny (Preset), Cloudy (Preset), Fluorescent (Preset), Tungsten (Preset), Shade (Preset), and Flash (Preset).
A few critics voice disappointment that the camera kit doesn’t come with a lens hood as would be expected from a camera of this caliber. But complaints are few and far between. The Canon EOS 40D would be a great gift for a photography student, journalist, or anyone who is ready to move away from point-and-shoots. This is a real camera for real photographers.
The Canon EOS 40D retails for about $1,200 US.

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