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Tips On Selecting The Right Plumber For The Job

Plumbing problems are expensive to fix. Professional plumbers can charge over $100 an hour for even the simplest plumbing fixes. With costs like that, you should make sure that you are getting the best professional for the job. You would not want to just pay anyone that type of money. For some tips on finding the right plumber, read this article for some advice.

Tip: If you have clogged pipes, try cleaning them with an enzyme pipe cleaner. Enzyme cleaners contain bacteria that digest through solid sludge, making it weak enough to be flushed out.

The best way to find a plumber, or a contractor for any type of home improvement, is to ask your trusted friends and relatives for recommendations. There is nothing better than a genuine testimonial from someone who has had direct experience with a plumber. Ask about the quality of service and the plumber's reliability. Ask if he quoted your friend a fair price and stuck with it. Was the job completed on time? Did the plumber communicate clearly about the source of the problem, and did he give recommendations on how to avert it in the future? Once you find a plumber who is trustworthy, dependable, and honest in pricing, it is like finding gold.

Tip: Save money by getting better shower heads. The majority of hot water is consumed by showers.

You can also ask for recommendations from the contractors whom you have worked with who do not do plumbing themselves, but who can vouch for a colleague who has the experience. Sometimes real estate agents have resources of referrals as well, since they are in the business of helping home sellers fix up their homes before selling. Another source of referral would be stores that sell plumbing supplies. The store owners no doubt have experience with many plumbers who come along their way.

Tip: You can use a plumber's snake on your washing machine drain if it needs it, as well as on sink drains. Lint can build up in the washing machine and cause a clog, which will lead to overflowing.

When you have some names of contractors, check their standing with the Better Business Bureau. You would not want any surprises from former customers who have lodged a complaint against them.

When you are interviewing the plumbers, ask them to supply you with names of recommendations. Contact these former clients and ask them for their opinions on the plumbers.

Tip: Ensure that if something goes wrong in your garbage disposal that you resist any and all urges you have that might make you want to put your hands inside to fix a problem. Garbage disposals pose a serious risk, even when flipped off.

Make sure that the plumber carries his own insurance. If he does not, you are liable for any injury that he sustains on your property. You would not want to take that risk. Any legitimate contracting business should carry its own business insurance.

All plumbers need to have a current and valid contractor's license. Verify his contractor license ID with the state licensing board.

Tip: Install an alarm to alert you if their is a leak in your plumbing. Flood alarms are similar to smoke alarms.

The plumbers whom you interviewed should provide you with a good-faith estimate for how much your job will cost. Have them break down the cost between supplies, materials, and labor. When you have the quote, do a side-by-side comparison. If the quotes are quite close to each other, then consider who you think would be easier to work with.

Tip: Tankless water heaters are good things for environmentally conscious individuals to think about buying. They don't need to hold water in a reserve, instead they heat it as it passes through on an as-needed basis.

Your plumber should be responsible for pulling all of the permits. He can add that to your quote as an additional charge because he does not make money off of it. Since he can describe the job in the industry language, he is the appropriate person to file it.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for your plumber. Take your time and find the right one. Once you find him, you will have a reliable plumbing expert to whom you can return for all of your plumbing needs.

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