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Being fashionable takes a lot of hard work; who has the time and money to keep up with every trend? Thankfully, these five wardrobe essentials never go out of fashion. Stock up on these fashion favourites to make sure you have the perfect outfit every day of the year.

Cashmere Sweater

Classy and comfortable, a good cashmere sweater can say a lot about the guy wearing it. There are endless ways to wear the cashmere sweater; with jeans for a relaxed look, with khakis for smart/casual, or over a shirt for a more formal appearance. Although cashmere can be costly, it’s a safe choice for both the office and date night and you’ll soon be wondering what you did without it.

A Fine Coat

Is there anything more handsome than a man in a tailored coat? It’s not likely. No matter what you’re wearing underneath, a coat with a nice cut can turn even the plainest look into a masterpiece. The military style is still very much in vogue, and as winter approaches you’ll be glad for the extra warmth. Of course, you might be reluctant to hand a coat of this calibre over to any chilly females, so maybe pack an extra hoodie.

Suit Up!

Barney Stinson may not always be right, but he is right about one thing: the suit makes the man. Everyone should have at least one suit lurking in their wardrobe, but when it comes to men’s suits men's suits you should avoid budget brands and go for something that really fits, and really suits, you. Like the cashmere sweater, you’ll find your suit useful on a number of occasions: weddings, funerals, job interviews or just hanging out looking awesome in your local bar.

Fitted T-shirt

We’re not talking skin-tight here: in fact, skin tight tees are a definite wardrobe no-no. Fitted t-shirts are simply cut a little different from the baggy tees that you can pick up for five bucks, and as a result hang better and make you look slimmer rather than boxy. A couple of decent fitted tees can really pull a wardrobe out of the dark ages, and can easily be jazzed up by accessories if needs be.


When it comes to casual cool, every man needs a decent pair of sneakers. They’re great for relaxing in, running errands in, and can even be teamed with the cashmere sweater for a cool contrasting look. It’s important to invest in a really stylish pair as these babies are going to take you places. If you want to avoid the dreaded foot odour, it might be wise to buy two pairs and alternate between them to give the material a chance to breathe.

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