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Trying Out The Pink Grapefruit Juice Diet

The Ruby Red grapefruit juice diet or any other pink grapefruit juice diet is not considered a pure grapefruit juice diet plan since the juice is mixed with others instead of being pure grapefruit juice. The purpose of a grapefruit juice diet is to have a high protein, low carbohydrate diet plan and adding another type of juice or sweetened juice adds more carbohydrates to the diet. However, in light of the fact that there are not scientific results to support the benefits of the regular grapefruit juice diet, it does not seem that it would change things much to add a pink grapefruit juice to the diet. Although the results of a pink grapefruit juice diet do usually show that individuals lose weight while on the plan, the weight loss is not usually sustained over the long run as the initial weight loss is mostly in fluids.

Eating Wisely

Tip: It is important when juicing to use fresh fruits and vegetables. Using very ripe fruits doesn't work very well and tastes odd.

A better plan than utilizing the pink grapefruit juice diet is to talk to the doctor and find out how many calories are adequate to meet the body's needs each day. The person should also find out if there are any foods that he should stay away from since they might escalate a health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The person should also learn about the main food groups and how many servings should be had from each one over the course of each day. By planning meals according to the food groups, appropriate serving sizes and the right amount of calories, the person will be better able to lose weight that will be sustained over the long run than going on the pink grapefruit juice diet since it will be a lifestyle rather than a short term diet.

Another aspect of losing weight, whether with a healthy eating plan or with the pink grapefruit juice diet, is to exercise on a regular basis. Again, the person should talk to the doctor first to find out what a proper exercise plan might be for him. When the person exercises regularly, he is burning fat and building muscles which will in turn burn off more fat in the future, by taking more energy to maintain them. This will cause the person's metabolism to be higher and he will be able to consume more calories than before to maintain an appropriate body weight. Adding exercise to the pink grapefruit juice diet allows people to get rapid weight loss and also be able to maintain it when eating regularly again.

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