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Men's fashion is often mistakenly regarded as less interesting or varied than women's fashion. However, the men's fashion industry has grown immensely throughout recent decades and it now represents an incredibly fast-paced and cutting-edge market. In order to stay on top of the latest styles, it's a good idea to stay one step ahead, keeping your eye on the predicted trends for next season.

First up on the hot-trends list is what those in the fashion industry are calling the 'Aztec' pattern. This tribal print features jagged-edged shapes in a variety of bright colours and it can be found on a range of men's garments and accessories. For a look that is both earthy and urban, you can sport the Aztec print on a comfy cotton-blended tee or simply carry a casual tribal printed drawstring bag. For a bolder look, try a button-up tribal print collared shirt and accessorize it with a South American-style bolo tie.

Naturally, the 'Aztec' print has emerged from a broader trend in men's fashion - the rugged, outdoorsy look. This movement is exemplified by the denim resurgence that's currently taking place in the industry, with the denim jacket being one of the hottest trends right now. Also on-trend at the moment is the denim shirt, which is ideal for that relaxed, manly look. As for the belief that you should never wear 'double denim' (e.g. a denim top and denim trousers), that's just an old wives' tale. In fact, mixing non-matching denims can make for a great cowboy-inspired outfit.

Another new trend that is already becoming a staple of men's casual fashion is the patterned jumper. As men's styles continue to swing increasingly more toward the 'hipster' motif and colour pallet, prints are frequently appearing in the modern man's wardrobe. If you're looking to work a patterned jumper into your fashion repertoire, try colourful stripes in a burnt orange or slate blue. A slightly more muted tone will provide just the right amount of colour while maintaining a more faded, vintage look. Another hot-trend in patterned jumpers is festive, outdoor-style prints. Whether it is snowflakes, fair isle patterns, or a polar bear, choosing a unique pattern will add a splash of fun to your outfit and will surely be a conversation starter.

Now that you have some insight into the upcoming trends, it's best to act fast and swoop up these new styles quickly; after all, it's always better to be forward-looking when it comes to men's fashion. Whether it's Aztec print, mens jumpers with festive patterns or rugged denim garments, you can surely find a trend that suits you.

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