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Using A Liquid Gas Camp Stove

Gas camping stoves have become less popular now thanks to newer compressed gas models. While compressed gas stoves certainly have good points, they are not for everyone. If you are a serious camper heading for rough terrain then a gas camp stove is probably the best option for you. A gas camp stove is more versatile for several reasons and can be used throughout the year. If you shop around with a realistic picture in your mind of what you can get you will be able to find something that works for you.

Reliability And Versatility

Tip: Pick a sleeping bag which is appropriate for the season. Make sure that your sleeping bags in the summer are not too heavy.

A liquid gas camp stove scores high on reliability and versatility. If you normally camp in areas that are very windy then this is a better camping stove to use. It is also the best choice if the area you camp in is cold. Compressed gas stoves can sometimes be hard to use in windy and cold conditions. The times when you most want something hot to warm you up.

If you travel overseas to go hiking or camping then a liquid gas camp stove is probably the easiest to refill. This is because liquid gas camp stoves work with a variety of fuels, there’s no need to look for one specific type of fuel. An advantage if you are exploring a new country or area for the first time and are not sure where to look for camping supplies.

Tip: Do not assume you can collect firewood from the area. Bringing your own small supply of wood and keeping it dry is a wise decision.

A liquid gas stove is also inexpensive to refill if you are using kerosene. A gas camp stove is also hardy like a cast iron camp stove. Though stoves like these can also be a little bulky and you might find it hard to transport. For this reason choose a stove with a detachable fuel tank, this makes taking it on trips much easier.

The Downside

Tip: Make sure that the tent you take camping has enough space for everyone you are taking along. That makes it easier for everyone to have a comfy time while they're asleep and moving around when they have to get up in the dead of night.

There are downsides to using a gas camp stove. One of the downsides is that a gas camp stove can be more expensive. If you are using a gas stove for the first time in the woods it can be a little tricky. Refueling while you’re out camping can also be difficult and messy.

While kerosene is a cheap fuel to use in your liquid gas camp stove it is also not a clean burning fuel. It also has the potential to clog up the fuel line. Something that can be very frustrating when you are camping. However these are the perfect camping stoves if you want to do serious cooking on the trail.

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